Selena Gomez's Vintage Rock Tee Game Is On Point

by Jessica Thomas

Today's starlets seem to be all about the vintage tees and brands, but Selena Gomez's look from her Revival tour stop in Calgary is a little more rocker than the singer usually goes for. Gomez sported a vintage band tee from iconic '80s band Guns N' Roses, and she paired it with leggings, sneakers and round black sunglasses in a look that was sporty and chic. If you're in the market for a new band T-shirt and want to turn to Gomez for inspiration, this is where to buy Gomez's Guns N' Roses T-shirt from Instagram.

From Kylie Jenner's Von Dutch obsession to the classic Rolling Stone T-shirt that's still popular, celebrities (and normal people) seem to be all about bringing trends from the past back to life in the term of cool athleisure looks. Gomez is the latest to do it, and her Guns N' Roses tee from the band's Appetite for Destruction tour manages to look surprisingly chic on her Instagram. Gomez posted two pictures of the look, and she appears to be wearing it during her time off from rehearsals and performances during her Calgary, Canada stop on the tour. The sporty look was perfect for her outdoorsy photos.

I love how she tied the shirt back so it was a little more fitted.

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Plus, how chic are those sporty sneakers paired with her black sunglasses and messy ponytail?

FOG Guns N' Roses Boxy T-shirt,

This looks like it's the exact T-shirt Gomez is wearing (from PacSun), but it's sold out online right now.

Luckily, it's pretty easy to find dupes for Gomez's Appetite for Destruction tee online. If you're not into the oversized shirt look, there's tanks and other logos. The sky's the limit. Here are five looks that will help you copy her style.

Guns N' Roses Jumbo T-shirt, $13.18-$29.99,

This Amazon find appears to be the closest match to Gomez's tee. It comes in lots of sizes, but order a size up if you want to copy her oversized look.

Guns N' Roses 1988 Tour Shirt, $13.48-$17.33,

The Appetite for Destruction tour happened in 1988, so if you want to show your true rock prowess, this tour-focused T-shirt is a perfect pick.

Guns N' Roses tank, $14.56,

If you're more of a tank person, this Etsy one is a perfect way to copy Gomez's look.

Guns N' Roses Skull T-shirt, $16.72-$19.92,

It may be a good idea to turn to the men's department for your tee, and although the oversized skull on this tee is different than Gomez's it's still super cool.

Guns N' Roses Logo T-shirt, $20.50,

Want something a little simpler? This logo T-shirt is subtle but still really cool.

Now throw on your T-shirt, your coolest sneakers and a pair of black leggings, and you'll be channeling Gomez before you know it.

Images: Courtesy of Brands