12 Reasons All You Wanted Was A Sister In The '90s

I don't have a sister now, nor did I have one in the '90s. Yeah sure, I've got "friends that are like sisters," but that's not exactly the same as having a sister, someone that you shared a womb with, is it? I'm over it now, but having a sister in the '90s just seemed like the absolute coolest thing a human could have. Sure, there was the fighting and the bickering and the stealing each other's clothes (endemic to sisters of any era, or so I hear), but being sisters in the '90s also seemed to have a lot of serious potential for some totally awesome stuff to go down, man.

If you followed pop culture in the '90s, you will know that having a sister provided ample opportunity for adventures, most of them winding up in wonderful stories of self discovery and revelation. Having a sister now is based more on the Kardashian model, so that's endless, pointless bickering, lip gloss, trying to get the others in your app game, and red carpet strutting as a unit. Trust me when I tell you, the '90s way, with all the mischief, seemed way more fun. Here are 12 reasons why all you wanted was a sister in the '90s.

1. Because Doing Spice Girls Club With Two Was Way Less Sad Than With Just One

Every sister-less child of the '90s knows how hard it is to do the Spice Girls with just one. Obviously, two isn't ideal either, but it's certainly better than wearing a Union Jack dress solo.

2. So You Could Share Hair Mascara

You couldn't just choose one color of hair mascara could you? Well, sure, blue was the obviously first choice, but everyone deserved multiple hair mascara colors. In the '90s, we chalked this up to the responsibility a sister would have: coming in hot with extra hair mascaras.

3. Because Matching Outfits, Duh

I feel like I don't even need to quality this. But just in case: if there were no other reason but "matching outfits," that would be enough to make a sister be the most desirable family member of the '90s.

4. So You Could Pull Of Some Kind Of Weird Scam That Led You Both To Fall In Love With Cute Babes While Learning The Error Of Your Ways

Something about going into elaborate trickery with your sister in the '90s seemed really cool. Innocent trickery of course. Like fooling people into thinking you were rich when you weren't, or something equally ludicrous. Obviously, love would ensue. And the moral that love is more important than money.

5. Because The Olsen Twins

Clearly the best sisters of the '90s. And also the reason that you upped the ante on your wish for a sister to a wish for a twin.

6. Because Hiding Under The Duvet And Telling Secrets Seems Really Cute

If you were an only child, or had a smelly brother who wasn't into whimsy, you might have lay awake at night wishing you had a partner in crime to stay up late with, hiding under the duvet with a torch and telling secrets.

7. Because One Wardrobe With Gerberas Sewn Onto Everything Is Not Enough Wardrobe

Doubling up on stuff seemed like a perfectly reasonable reason to wish for a sister, especially if that stuff had gerberas sewn to it.

8. So You Could Try And Parent Trap Your Folks (If They Were Divorced)

My parents were divorced and I always wished I would find out about a secret sister that would allow us to trick them into getting back together. Alas, my parents lived not far from each other so chances for secret sisters were scant.

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9. So You Could Form A Coven And Do Witch Craft

If you watched Practical Magic in the '90s the main reason you wanted a sister was to do amazing magic with her. And of course, to be there for each other when that magic went sour.

10. Because The Braxtons

The Braxtons are still cool now. The Braxtons are a wonderful reason to wish for sisters.

11. Because Even When You Were Fighting It Was In A Cool Way

If Kat and Bianca taught us anything about sisterhood in the '90s, it's that you could hate each other the most, but still have so much to learn from each other. And getting over the superficial awkwardness of teenagehood would yield a best friendship to last the ages.

12. Because Even If You Hated Her, She Might Be The Key

Meanwhile, even if you didn't manage to get through all the fighting to be friends or have warm moments, she might be a mystical key that could save the world. You really never know.

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