Kylie Jenner Shows Off Her Freckles

by Augusta Statz

When it comes to pretty much all things beauty related, this girl’s got it going on. She can pull off everything from wigs to a bold matte lip look, and she’s been known to switch things up quite frequently. Kylie Jenner posted a bare-faced photo on Snapchat to highlight one of her greatest features — her freckles. Because she can go all-natural like a pro, too, you guys.

Jenner’s been criticized for wearing a lot of makeup, but she’s entitled to do whatever she likes. She captioned the photo, “When everyone’s drawing on freckles but ur always covering yours,” which is ironic since she’s actually showing her flecks off here. But, even when she’s not, she’s got her own style. So, just because everyone else is into the faux speckled look doesn’t mean that she’s going to take part in the beauty trend.

I can’t blame her for doing her own thing when it comes to beauty and so much more. She’s gorgeous, makeup or no. When she decides to let those freckles show, she's showcasing her natural beauty, but she's equally as pretty when she’s got a full face of product. Beauty is such a personal thing, so no one should be concerned with other people's opinions. You can wear as much or as little makeup as you’d like, and you’re going to look great no matter what. Just let Jenner show you how it’s done!

Those freckles were ready for their close-up.

See some of Jenner's best beauty moments because she shines with makeup and with none at all.

1. Minimal Makeup

She rocks a minimal makeup look from time to time, and when she does, it's flawless.

2. Wet Look

Dewy glow game strong.

3. Nude Lip

She's the queen of a nude lip.

4. Metals

Rainbow hair, metallic lipstick. There's nothing she can't pull off.

5. Full Glam

She looks great when she's wearing it all.

6. Bare-Faced

Or nothing at all.

7. Brows For Days

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Her brows are forever on-fleek.

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8. Freckle Appreciation

She's embraced her freckles on more than one occasion.

9. Fresh Face

Jenner always manages to snap the perfect bathroom selfie, whether she's gone full glam with her makeup or no.

10. Bold Lip

Dark lipstick looks amazing on her.

11. No Lipstick

But, then again, she looks great without it, too.

Makeup on, makeup off. She's got an incredible look that's all her own either way.