Gigi Hadid Is Bringing Back This Preppy '90s Trend

by Augusta Statz

The ‘90s are in full swing again in terms of fashion, and when Gigi Hadid stepped out wearing a sweater around her neck, it left me asking myself one question. I'm all, “Wait a second — is wearing a sweater tied around your neck cool again?” And by the looks of it I’d say yes, yes indeed it is.

When top models such as Hadid or Kendall Jenner wear a trend, I can be certain that it’s "in." And let me tell you, Hadid is making this whole sweater tying thing look like the thing to do. I have only recently come around to tying my outerwear around my waist again (because that was so like third grade, you know?), but now I’d be willing to wear a light jacket around my neck, too. All because Hadid told me to.

Now before you go judging me for basing my fashion decisions solely on what this one model wears, let me explain her look to you. She’s wearing high-neck crop top with low-waisted black bottoms and white sneakers. So, see why I wouldn’t mind dressing this way? If that doesn’t sound modern and cool to you, you’re not embracing the ‘90s trend as much as the rest of us are, that’s for sure! Take a look at Hadid’s latest look, why don’t you?

See. Now, wouldn't you be willing to give this a try, too?

If you are feeling this look as much as I am, go on and shop the best lightweight sweaters for summer tying!

1. Pocket Pullover

BDG Mia Pocket Pullover Sweater, $54, Urban Outfitters

This is perfect to tie around your neck by day and wear by the beachside campfire by night.

2. Summer Jacket

Washed Cotton Summer Jacket, $89, ASOS

A lightweight jacket like this will be your best accessory this summer season, especially when tied around your neck.

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3. Longline Cardigan

Oversized Boyfriend Cardigan, $62, ASOS Curve

Make this '90s look a little more modern by opting for a longline cardigan.

4. Preppy Sweater

Stripe Trimmed Sweater, $17.90, Forever 21

Embrace the preppy vibe that comes along with this look by choosing a stripe trimmed cardigan.

5. Open Knit Sweater

Lou & Grey Tidal Sweater, $69.50, Lou & Grey

An open knit sweater will pair well with any of your summer outfits, bathing suits and all. With a sweater like this around your neck you'll be able to take this trendy look seaside!

6. Crochet Cardigan

Crochet Cardigan, $58.48, Torrid

Try topping your look off with a crochet cardigan for all of those carefree summer feels.

7. Metallic Sweater

Contemporary Chiffon- Paneled Metallic Sweater, $17, Forever 21

Flecks of metallic thread will add a little edge to your '90s sweater look.

Now that you've got the perfect sweaters for summer, you know what to do. Throw 'em over your shoulders and tie the sleeves just so, and you've successfully mastered the Hadid-inspired '90s look of the season.

Images: Courtesy Brands (7)