Jennifer Aniston's 'Mean Girls' Spin-off

Jennifer Anison's doing a good job lately of assuring us she's got this "choosing good roles" thing under way more control than we thought she did a couple years back. She's got that dark Black List comedy all set, and now Aniston's in talk for Mean Moms , a film that's being talked about as an offset of 2004's iconic teen comedy Mean Girls.

There's a pretty straight-forward reason why the comparisons to Mean Girls are already pouring in for Mean Moms: 1) there's the title, and 2) both are adaptations of Rosalind Wiseman parental advice books. This one's coming from Queen Bee Mums & Kingpin Dads , whose subtitle is Coping With The Parents And Teachers Who Can Rule — Or Ruin — Your Child's Life. Competitive parenting will be a driving conflict, so you can likely expect an older version of a Regina George-type to be ruling over whatever suburb this will take place in. (And how interesting would it be if they got Rachel McAdams to play that role?)

This one's sadly not being written by Tina Fey, so it's probably best not to go into the theater expecting this to be a true soul twin to the glory that is Mean Girls, but we are intrigued nonetheless.