These 'GG' Luke & Lorelai Spoilers Are Big

by Emily Lackey

Of all the things any diehard Gilmore Girls fan knows to expect from the show, romantic stakes is definitely one of them. Because, after watching a show where the question of will-she or won’t-she was constantly being asked, emotional tension is sort of our collective jam. After seven seasons of following Lorelai and Rory’s love lives on Gilmore Girls, we fans know a thing or two about emotional stakes and the importance a good plotline. Which is why when Scott Patterson said in a new interview with Glamour that the stakes for Luke and Lorelai in the Gilmore Girls revival are higher than ever before, my first thought was, I’m picking up what you’re putting down, and I’m ready for whatever that angel Amy Sherman-Palladino has waiting for me. In other words, I immediately started brainstorming reasons why the stakes would be so much higher for Luke and Lorelai in the Gilmore Girls revival.

It wasn’t that hard to do. As a loyal fan, I can imagine where their lives may have taken them since the show ended in 2007. Plus, it’s been almost 10 years. These two characters have grown up a lot since we last saw them. And if I know anything about how that goes, things only get more serious as time goes on. Feelings get stronger, lives get intertwined, and pesky things like time and mortality start showing up.

Growing up is a doozy, which is why I can think of a number of stakes that could be included in the new Gilmore Girls revival to make Luke and Lorelai’s relationship all the more emotionally dicey these days.

Maybe There Are Kids Involved

What I wouldn’t give to see Lorelai as a mother to someone under the age of 16.

One Of Them Could Be Leaving Stars Hollow

And they have to figure out the status of their relationship before they do.

Richard’s Death Is Somehow Involved

I could easily see this loss being a major catalyst for Lorelai, launching her into a place where the stakes for everything seem extremely high: her career, her family, her relationships.

The Town Is Somehow Affected By Their Relationship

Something might be largely dependent on how their relationship shakes out, like the future of Luke’s Diner or Miss Patty’s class schedule. You know, the important things.

The Future Of Their Businesses Hangs In The Balance

Who knows. By now they might be in business together, in which case the stakes for their relationship working out would be much, much higher.

Emily Gilmore Might Still Not Approve

Trying to win the family over nine years after the fact? Talk about emotionally high stakes.

They Could Be Financially Tied To Each Other

That tends to happen when you spend a number of years together. If they have shared property, the decision to stay together or break apart could be about much more than just emotions.

Whatever the stakes may be, it sounds like this revival is going to be an emotional roller coaster. Would you want anything less from the Gilmore Girls?

Image: Netflix (7); Warner Bros. Television