Scott Disick Keeps Messing Up His Instagram Ads

by Michelle McGahan

Truth be told, Scott Disick's actual job is so mysterious that there are countless articles out there dedicated to getting to the bottom of it. And though there has never been a definitive, clear-cut answer besides "reality star" and "one-time YA book cover model," one could easily argue that Disick nicely supplements his KUWTK income with club appearances and frequent Instagram ads. In fact, Lord Disick promotes everything from teeth whiteners and tea to whatever that weird oil-pulling thing is on the 'gram, and it's an easy enough gig: Share a photo of yourself with the product, copy and paste a one-sentence caption, watch it rain. Only here's the thing: Scott Disick keeps accidentally posting the caption instructions on his Insta ads, and, in turn, I cannot stop laughing.

Let me be clear that the laughter doesn't come from the mean-spirited, "you had one job" variety (although it's true, and that's half of what makes it so funny). Maybe it's because I grew up listening to those old-timey radio bloopers — in which nervous announcers would speed-read through their advertisements, accidentally dictating the directions ("emphasize this," "make this sincere") along with the rest of the script — and this reminds me of that. Because when Lord Disick copies and pastes the caption instructions instead of the actual caption itself, something in me just loses it. Just look at the one he posted on Wednesday:

SLAY, LD. Actual tears are coming out of my eyeballs right now, just because it sounds so endearingly sincere — almost like he meant to copy and paste the whole thing on purpose (at least, that's how I read it in my head). Still, how do you not realize you're accidentally posting the directions instead of the actual copy? Oh my Lord Disick.

While the crying-while-laughing emoji is forever applicable in this situation, it also gives followers some insight into how the whole #Instagram #ad business is run — and how it really could not be any easier for celebs to make money here, especially when you don't even have to write your own captions. (Unless, of course, you accidentally write the caption directions instead. Whoops.)

But hey, I'm not the only one who noticed: This photo was up for more than a hot minute before it was deleted, and you better believe that eagle-eyed Instagram commenters were cracking up as well — particularly the ones who remembered that this wasn't the first time that Disick accidentally copied and pasted the instructions in an Insta ad caption. Though the above screenshot would be funny enough on its own, the fact that this was at least the second time that Disick did so makes it even more deliciously hilarious. And, in my opinion, that caption was even better than the last:

Classic old radio-style blooper here. The reason I even screenshot this bad boy in the first place was to text my sister because it reminded me so much of one. Either that, or it's the equivalent of sending a company-wide email with a typo so embarrassing you're left red-faced for the rest of the day. In any case, it's the kind of amusing error that's not just hilarious to the people on the receiving end, but also probably to the guy who made the error in the first place. You know Scott Disick is somewhere laughing his ass off about this (as long as he doesn't get his Instagram ad privileges taken away, of course.)

While it's good to know that the Lord is with us, maybe next time he should also proofread.

Images: Scott Disick/Instagram (2)