This Two-Month-Old Baby's Hair Is Majestic AF

I'm already disappointed in my future progeny for not having the genetic gift that this two-month-old baby with a full head of hair has. Little Coral, who has already made a name for herself with her fabulous mane, hails from Hawaii, where her parents run the popular YouTube vlog "Mike & Drea". Mike shared a picture of their daughter on Imgur, where users instantly became obsessed with how much hair is on her itty bitty head. As a baby who was full on bald until the age of two, am I allowed to be retroactively jealous of this adorable creature who wishes me no harm?

The aforementioned picture of Coral (awesome name, and yet another reason why I am unreasonably jealous of an infant) was shared just two days ago, but has already racked up over 770,000 views. Commenters are every bit as mind-boggled as I am, but perhaps the highest praise comes from user teeshirt, who writes, "Your daughter could star in a Zoolander prequel." If that isn't a measure of quality hair, then I ask you: what is? I'm already intimidated and I've never even met her. Just LOOK at this precious human being and her swag-tastic hair.

In other news, we finally have an answer to where Harry Styles' hair went, everybody! Mystery solved. Good job, internet.

And it seems that Coral is getting plenty of practice on camera for her inevitable casting in the 2032 Rapunzel reboot, because her parents have been documenting the family's life in Hawaii on their YouTube vlog. Spoiler alert, guys: Coral's hair accessory game is as strong as her hair game.

Just in case there are any nonbelievers out there, here's a video from over a month ago, where her parents measure her hair. It clocked in at two inches. CORAL, WHAT IS YOUR SECRET???

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I think it's safe to say, though, that as precious as her hair is, there is nothing quite as cute as Coral's smile. And it is that thought I will keep with me while I resentfully buy six gallons of Rogaine in hopes that it will make my hair grow twice as fast and share a fraction of splendor on top of her perfect head.

Images: YouTube