Are These Nike x Starbucks Sneakers Real?

There have definitely been odd pairings in the fashion world before, but typically, these pairings are between celebrities, designers, and beauty brands. It seems as though that's no longer the case, though. Your favorite coffee and your choice sneaker brand may be teaming up, but are the Nike x Starbucks sneakers real? The jury still seems to be out, but there is definitely some hope for this unexpected but still ultra cool collaboration. Move over, all other collaborations because this may be the biggest hit of the year.

The idea that a brand with a strong collection of sneakers would choose to differentiate themselves by parterning with a brand in a completely different market is, in my opinion, one of the smartest moves Nike could make. While Adidas has their insanely popular partnership with Kanye (that has resulted in the best-selling Yeezy line of sneakers) and PUMA has their Rihanna slides and creepers, Nike has their focus on not the most famous singer or rapper, but the most famous coffee.

According to stories from GQ and Us Weekly , the sneaker may be a real thing. So far, Nike nor Starbucks have commented on whether or not the shoe is actually happening, but a Starbucks lover with a crazy shoe collection can dream, right? Plus, if the photo is any indication, they're not just a unique collab, but they look great, too.

The brown low-top sneaker is in traditional Nike style, but the unmistakable brown swirl and green interior definitely seems to pay homage to the classic colors of the Starbucks brand.

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The traditional Nike swoosh is outlined in green as well. It looks too legit not to be real!

The unofficial, rumored Nike x Starbucks sneakers seem to be on sale over at The Premier Store, where you can snag them for $100. Again, no word on whether or not they're actually a Nike x Starbucks collab!

While there have been mixed reviews about the sneaker's aesthetic, there's little doubt that they'll sell quick if they are real. Signs seems to point to yes, but we don't know anything for sure. One thing's for sure — sneaker collectors are probably already planning their purchase. The Nike x Starbucks sneaker is definitely going to a collector's item, so get it while you can.

Images: The Premier Store