"Loser Keeps Bieber" Raises Hockey Stakes

The stakes of Friday's Olympic men's hockey game just got a lot higher. Not only will the winner of this semi-final game go on to compete for the gold medal, now it looks like the loser of the U.S. versus Canada hockey game keeps Justin Bieber. An electronic billboard in Skokie, Ill., right outside of Chicago, shows pictures of Justin Bieber, Team Canada's Jonathan Toews, and Team USA's Patrick Kane with "Loser Keeps Bieber" written underneath in huge letters.

If you haven't been keeping up with your Bieber news, many Americans called for his deportation after his recent arrest for illegal drag racing and driving under the influence. This news came after a long series of events including Bieber's home being raided and allegedly egging his neighbor's house. A "We The People" petition was started asking Bieber to be deported back to his native Canada. It reached 100,000 signatures in six days meaning the White House is required to respond. This response has not yet happened, but it seems Canada isn't too stoked on having Bieber either. He was arrested in Canada on assault charges days after he was arrested in the U.S.

The billboard on which the message is written is called the Command Sign because of its location on the Command Transportation building. An executive for the building said of the sign, "We try to keep this low-key. We just have fun. We don't use the sign other than to have fun." Sounds good to me! The sign has its own Twitter account which has a picture of the "Loser Keeps Bieber" sign captioned, "Nothing is higher than the stakes of tomorrow’s game."

That tweet went up on Feb. 20 at 11:56am. Just past midnight on the same day, so about 12 hours prior, Justin Bieber wrote the following:

Now either Bieber heard about the sign elsewhere and wrote his response to be funny or it's just sad because he didn't know what was coming. Poor Bieber!

And good luck to Team USA!