The #BestPartOfThe90sWas Def The Fashion

by Augusta Statz

It’s basically the ‘90s all over again — or people are wishing it was. There’s been a major resurgence of many of the decade’s fashion and beauty trends lately, and that’s because people just can’t get enough. These 13 Twitter reactions prove that the #BestPartOfThe90sWas definitely the fashion. And like it or not (you know you love it) the 1990s are here to stay for a little while longer, in an entirely *new* way in 2016.

The trending hashtag is bringing back all sorts of memories from my childhood as people recount their fav parts of the decade. And they’re pulling out all of the stops — remembering everything from the colored ketchup to collecting Goosebumps. Ahh, those really were the days, weren’t they? While those things were great, I must admit the best part of the ‘90s for me was probably getting that dELiA*s catalog in the mail, just sayin.

In terms of fashion, there was a lot to love back in the day. Crop tops, chokers, denim everything, you name it. That’s exactly why there’s been such a resurgence of these items lately. Many of the best fashions of the time, according to Twitter, came straight from the wardrobes of the girl and boy bands and the sitcom characters we all loved. Because everyone was getting their inspo from the Spice Girls or Rachel from Friends in the ‘90s.

1. Flannel

For sure.

2. No Color Coordination

You wore what you wanted. Period.

3. Workout Wear

Take a lesson from Britney Spears on this one.

4. The Glam

The '90s had the most glamourous super models, didn't it?

5. Baggy & Floral

If it was baggy or floral, it was cool.

6. Jellies

I remember my first pair of jellies. This is bringing back memories!

7. Spice Girls

They were the best in terms of fashion, beauty and girl power.

8. Crop Tops

Because, duh!

9. Friends

What was not to love about these clothes and hairstyles?

10. Overalls

Oh, overalls, I will always love you.

11. The Accessories

Closing a flip phone was such a dramatic way to end a call, wasn't it?

12. Chunky Shoes

Who didn't love stomping around in these?

13. Still In

The best part about the '90s is that those fashions are still in today!

The 1990s were good years in terms of trends, and they're still going strong in so many ways!