13 Things Every ‘90s Kid Wanted When They Grew Up

As kids, we have a lot of… shall we say, interesting ideas about what it means to be an adult. As such, it’s not exactly surprising that the things every ‘90s kid wanted when they grew up aren’t quite the things of which adulthood is actually made. Still, though — as children, we all dreamed of what it would be like not to have any parents or teachers telling us what to do all the time, and we could hardly wait until those dreams became reality.

They didn’t, of course — become reality, I mean. Or at least, most of them didn’t. Our ideas of adulthood largely came from what we saw on TV and in the movies, and from the limited aspects of our parents’ lives and those of other grownups we were permitted to see. What we didn’t know is that the rent is pretty much always too high, that school is actually pretty fantastic (and that you miss it when you don’t have it anymore), and that adulthood doesn’t necessarily mean freedom. You may not have parents telling you to do your homework and go to bed on time, but you do have bills that tell you to do your job so you can pay them and a schedule that still requires you to go to bed on time or else risk not being able to function on a daily basis.

But it’s not all bad; a couple of the things we’d hoped for as kids did eventually come to pass. They may be the smaller things, rather than the big ticket items or grand ideas — but sometimes, it’s the little things in life, right? Our ‘90s selves definitely had the right idea on a few of these wishes and dreams:

1. An Apartment Like Carrie Bradshaw’s

Too bad we’d probably never, ever be able to afford it.

2. A Relationship Like Cory and Topanga’s

The ultimate relationship role models.

3. A Pager of Our Very Own

None of this “having to borrow Mom’s” nonsense anymore.

4. And A Computer Of Our Own, Too

Family computer, schmamily computer.

5. Our Dream Job

A reporter like the cartoon or movie version of April O’Neil? A badass teacher with an equally badass bus like Ms. Frizzle? Imparter of musical wisdom like the folks who populated Empire Records? FBI agent like Dana Scully? Whatever it was that Carmen Sandiego did? Something else entirely? Take your pick; no matter what your choice is, it’s a good one.

6. A Closet Like Cher’s

Full of all the incredible outfits we’d wear to our dream job, of course.

7. A DeLorean

Preferably one that also functioned as a time machine, although honestly, we’d take one without the flux capacitor, too. Those doors, though.

8. The Ability To Eat Ice Cream For Dinner If We Felt Like It

Finally, one that we actually achieved!

9. A Dog Like Wishbone For A Pet

My intense love of Jack Russel terriers stems from ‘90s television. Between Wishbone and Eddie from Frasier, as far as I could see, they were the best dogs ever.

10. Friends Like The Friends

Preferably living across the hall from you.

11. Being Able To Hang Your Favorite Posters On The Wall Without Anyone Yelling At You For It

Ah, the freedom to hang your Trainspotting poster with a certain four-letter word plastered across it five different times anywhere you like!

12. To Be On The Price Is Right

Or Wheel of Fortune. Or your favorite talk show. Whatever. These days, the equivalent would probably be an appearance on a reality show, but back in the day, game and talk shows were the only options we had.

13. No Bedtime

And therefore finally being able to stay up to watch all of TGIF… except that we have since realized that bedtime is a really good thing to have, and also that TGIF has gone the way of all things. Sigh.

Images: NBC; Giphy (13)