Jeffree Star Teases Another New Highlight Color

by Kali Borovic

People haven't even gotten over the gorgeous colors in his most recent highlight collection and the makeup artist is already dreaming up more unconventional hues. Jeffree Star just teased a lilac Skin Frost highlight on his Instagram, and it looks like that might just be the beginning of more colorful cheek hues. While nothing is for sure just yet, it wouldn't be the first time that the makeup artist thought outside the box with his color schemes.

After surprising his fans with an limited quantity release of his Ice Cold and Peach Goddess Skin Frost powders — the two more conventional highlight shades in the collection — Star dropped yet another beauty bombshell. The makeup artist posted a picture of his Beauty Killer Eyeshadow Palette, but what was next to it in the photo really grabs attention. From the looks of the photo as well as the caption, Star is in the process of creating a lilac highlight. The comment section is filled with people raving about the new shade, but that's not the only idea Star's got in store either.

Right next to the light purple shade is a shimmering pink hue that looks like it could be yet another highlight in the works. The pink brushes that he made in collaboration with Morphe are also pictured, so it's basically a Jeffree Star Cosmetics fan's dream come true.

That's not all either. According to Trendmood, Star might also be coming out with a black highlight for Halloween. Of course that's only a rumor, but I hope there's some truth to it. I'm not exactly sure how you can make highlight that dark, but if anyone can do it, It's Star.

This isn't the first time that he's dreamed up unconventional highlight shades. Jeffree Star Cosmetics has a mint highlight shade as well, so this lilac would fit right in. He's constantly thinking up new shades, and his fans are definitely loving them.

If you're looking to try out some of his other highlights, mark your calendars for May 25 when they officially release online. There's no doubt in my mind that these quirky hues will sell out fast though. You'll want to be sitting by your computer at 1pm EST when the products go live.