You Need This Adele/Disney Mashup In Your Life

Dear citizens of the interwebs, it is time to pack up your things and go home because YouTuber and impressionist extraordinaire Brian Hull just won the Internet. Hull used his vocal talents to produce a video of 29 Disney characters singing "Hello" by Adele, and it is flawless. The man switches between Snow White and Winnie the Pooh like it is the easiest thing in the world, and his impressions are so good that if you close your eyes, you will probably be able to identify your favorite Disney and Pixar characters as they pour their hearts into soulful, often funny renditions of "Hello."

This video is what dreams are made of. Although "Hello" has been covered and parodied a truly astonishing amount of times since it was released, Hull's version is easily my favorite so far. It is impossible not to love a video that combines my favorite singer with my obsession with all things Disney. The range of characters Hull manages to incorporate in his Adele tribute helps, as well. He includes classic characters like Mickey and Donald Duck as well as new favorites like Zootopia's Mr. Big and in the process creates a sense of "Hello" reaching across the entirety of Disney history.

The video is not just clever — it's even moving at times. While I certainly giggled at Mater's part of the song, Winnie sounded so forlorn I wanted Christopher Robin to pop out and give him a hug. Seriously, this is one video you have to see for yourself, so check it out and I promise no one will judge if you end up playing it on a loop for the rest of the day.

See? It is completely perfect and overflowing with Disney magic. Hull even cleverly pairs up best friends throughout the video so it feels like Timon is singing to Pumbaa and Hook is singing to Smee. The thought and talent that went into creating this "Hello" parody is so impressive I bet even Adele would enjoy it. Bravo to Hull for pulling off such an amazing video and nailing the voices of so many Disney favorites.

Now, if you will excuse me I suddenly feel the urge to write some tragic Minnie and Mickey fanfiction — thanks for that, Hull.

Image: Disney