So, Who Did Meghan Trainor Bring To The BBMAs?

When it comes to award shows, nothing tugs at my heartstrings more than when stars bring their family members. Sure, these events could be an opportunity to cozy up to a boyfriend or girlfriend, but why not celebrate major accomplishments alongside your relatives? Plus, it's actually strategic, preventing any new romance rumors from starting and shifting the focus to how family-oriented they are. Tying into this trend, Meghan Trainor brought her brother to the Billboard Music Awards. While on the pink carpet, Trainor told E!'s host Jason Kennedy, "My dad's at home watching. We love you, Dad! Ryan's trying to fill his shoes today." How sweet is that? Sounds like he's got big shoes to fill.

Actually, this isn't even the first time the "Dear Future Husband" singer had her big bro by her side. Back in November 201, Trainor brought both of her brothers to the American Music Awards. Perhaps their other brother, Justin, was busy during the BBMAs. Either way, she's taking the stage to perform at the BBMAs, so it'll be great to have at least one family member nearby. Clearly Trainor and her bro are super close. For example, last year he surprised her with Christmas decorations, and she literally shed tears.

In case you were curious, Twitter was totally into the family BBMAs moment.

And you can see the siblings in all their glory here:

Based on her shoutout, I'm guessing Papa Trainor is watching along at home. And if I had to take another guess, he's probably one proud dad.