8 Tips For How To Do Your Makeup For Graduation

by Miki Hayes

Between the heat and the amount of pictures that will be taken, how to do your makeup for graduation ends up being a tricky thing to figure out. While doing your makeup the way you normally do is always an option, if you don't usually reach for the right products, you may end up having to touch up multiple times throughout the day. And what with all of the speeches you'll sit through, pictures you'll pose through, and hugs you'll give and receive, there probably just isn't time for reapplying lipstick and re-powdering your T-zone.

So the key is longevity. You'll need products and application techniques that will not only withstand the heat and the length of the day, but will also look flawless in photos. After all, this day is sure to be documented. So to gain a little insight on the best products to use and how to use them, I corresponded with a couple of experts. Lead Makeup Artist at Hourglass Abbot Kinney, Vanessa Eckels, and Makeup Artist and Founder of Sonia Kashuk Beauty, Sonia Kashuk, let me in on some secrets for achieving a flawless, graduation-day face. Here are eight tips and tricks for how to do your makeup so it doesn't melt off when you graduate.

1. Exfoliate First

Sonia Kashuk Resurface Gentle Exfoliating Wash, $14.99,

To prepare your skin for makeup application, Kashuk recommends cleansing and exfoliating before anything else. Exfoliating, she says, will help smooth out any flaky or dry patches so makeup goes on flawlessly.

2. SPF Is Key

Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield, $65,

Especially if your ceremony or celebration happens outside, it's so important to wear SPF. Try a lightweight serum sunscreen that can easily be layered under your makeup. Also look for SPF in your primer, foundation, or setting spray if you want a little extra protection.

3. Prime, Prime, Prime

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, $52,

A primer you can count on will help your makeup stay put throughout the day. Eckels recommends this one because it has an extra boost of SPF 15 and also repels water to keep makeup locked down and looking fresh. Kashuk also recommends priming the eyes with a "thin layer of foundation or eye primer" all over the lids to create a smooth base for shadow.

4. Try Baking

RCMA No Color Powder, $12,

Even if this usually sounds like a superfluous step, if you have trouble with makeup melting or creasing, and you won't have much time to touch up throughout the day, try baking as insurance. Baking your powder over your foundation and concealer will help lock everything into place for longer wear. Think of it as applying some extra powder the first time so you won't have to reapply later. If you've never tried it before, here's everything you need to know about baking.

5. Use Long-Wear/Waterproof Formulas

Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara, $23,

Of course, a long day requires some long-wearing products to keep up. Look for waterproof and crease-resistant formulas for everything from mascara to foundation to lipstick so that your makeup doesn't smudge or fade prematurely.

6. Layer

Sonia Kashuk Creme Blush in Rosey, $9.79,

Another way to ensure that your makeup lasts as long as it needs to is a trick that Kashuk uses — layering products. Set any cream eyeshadow or eyeliner with powder eyeshadow. Set cream blush and bronzer with corresponding powder blush and bronzer. And remember to use a lip liner under lipstick. This way, not only will your makeup last longer, but if any color starts to wear away, there will be another layer underneath to keep your makeup from looking faded or patchy.

7. Add Some Drama

Huda Beauty Lashes in Samantha #7, $20,

Photographs tend to wash out makeup. So if you want yours to show up on film, you may need to go a little bolder than you might normally. Try thicker eyeliner, adding false lashes, contouring, or adding a brighter blush or lipstick (you don't have to do all of these at once of course, unless you want to). Any one pop of definition will help your features better stand out in a photo.

8. Use A Setting Spray

Urban Decay Travel-Size De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray, $14,

To make sure all of your makeup is truly locked into place and will last as long as possible, a setting spray is necessary. Think of it like hairspray for your face (of course, don't actually use hairspray on your face). But if you tend to become oily throughout the day, or experience creasing or fading makeup, a setting spray will help keep you matte and your makeup flawless. And if you need a pick-me-up, remember to keep a travel-sized setting spray in your purse so you can even refresh your skin and stay cool throughout the day.

Images: Courtesy of Brands