How To Get Out Of The Door Faster In The Morning With 11 Helpful Hacks

If you're anything like me, you usually explode out of bed in the morning in a mad tangle of sheets, legs, boobs, and bed hair, scrambling to the bathroom as you've over slept your alarm. Again. Now you're in need of hacks to get out the door faster as time is racing against you, ticking down as you try to put on blush and brush your teeth at the same time. But instead of breaking out into stress sweats over the choice of making coffee or actually leaving on time to catch your train, you can do a couple of things ahead of time that will make your morning routine move a lot faster and a lot smoother than it has been before.

Here's the deal: If you like to get as much sleep as possible and only carve out about 30 minutes to get dressed and ready to go, chances are you're not going to change your routine to wake up two hours ahead of time to do everything properly. So you're going to need short cuts and hacks. You're going to need the lazy-girl's-guide to being a proper, put-together grown up, and I have it for you. Below are 11 morning hacks to get out the door faster!

1. Plan Ahead For Your Hair

If you're not a braiding wizard and you find yourself weilding your hair brush like a sword when battling your frizzy, unruly locks in the morning, then you need to plan ahead. Fashion writer Amy Lee from style site The Zoe Report suggested, "Apply a leave-in conditioner to towel-dried hair the night before, then part your tresses in the middle, twist each side into buns (à la Princess Leia) and secure with elastics. Finger rake and shake in the morning for effortless, loose waves and hydrated, frizz-free locks." If all you have to do is literally finger comb, you'll save tons of time!

2. Keep Track Of Your Time With Playlists

Do you constantly find yourself lingering too long in front of the closet, or can't seem to make yourself move once you sit down at the kitchen table with your coffee? Time your activities with a playlist and you just might get yourself out the door on time. A write at the Huffington Post explained, "Break down each task in your morning routine and determine how long you can spend on each. Find songs that are the approximate length of each task and order them according to your tasks. No more losing track of time—now you know that you’ve only got until 'Firework' ends to finish that shower." Not only will you catch the train, but you'll also get to dance around the whole morning? Total win, win.

3. Set Up As Much In The Evening As You Can

Instead of rushing around in the morning trying to find your purse or your running shoes, try to set up as much as you can the night before. Lifestyle writer Natasha Burton from Daily Worth suggested, "Set breakfast dishes, make lunch for yourself, stick your purse by the door, and place your packed gym bag in the car." Other ideas? Sleep in your running clothes if you do some quick exercise in the morning, plan out your outfit during the evening, and have your makeup already waiting on the bathroom counter.

4. Choose Makeup Products That Can Double Task

Instead of shuffling around a makeup bag as big as Mary Poppins', stock up on products that can double task for you. Lee recommended, "Downsize your daily beauty essentials by choosing three or four products that have multiple uses—such as an easy cushion foundation with SPF, a lip-and-cheek duo and an illuminating bronzer that also works as an eye shadow, highlighter and contour tool." You'll fly through the routine, giving you plenty of time for a coffee.

5. Keep Track Of Outfits On Your Phone

Every time you come up with a winning outfit combination, take a quick snap on your phone and store it in a "Wardrobe" folder. Now when you find yourself stuck while standing in front of your closet, you'll have a quick flash of inspo ready at hand. Huffington Post pointed out, "Whenever you’re find yourself wondering if that gold necklace is too short for that pink V-neck blouse or if that grey blazer is too snug for a sweater underneath, save yourself the try-on time and just pull up the photo as a reference." You'll never have to be late because of the "nothing to wear" excuse again!

6. Have An "Assembly Line" Workflow

Instead of seperating commmonly used things in your apartment according to rooms and drawers, try grouping them together so you're not running around from place to place. For example, professional organizer Darla DeMorrow recommended to Daily Worth that you arrange "your dresser, hamper, and closet to be as close to each other as possible to 'create an assembly line flow.' (No more running back and forth between the closet and the full-length mirror.)" Another great tip is to separate your every day makeup with special, occasional makeup in order to keep the rooting-around to a minimum, or keeping your purse and keys in a high-traffic spot in your apartment so they're easy to grab.

7. Have Two Alarm Clocks

Are you the queen of snooze? Fix that problem with the help of two alarm clocks. Lifestyle writer Joel Falconer from Lifehack suggested, "Stick an alarm clock by your bed and another across the room (or even in another room) that goes off a minute later. The second one forces you up even if you miss the first one." Snooze problem: Obliterated.

8. Have A Back-Up Outfit Planned

Sometimes you have the perfect outfit in mind, but then when you put it on it looks like nonsense. Instead of derailing your whole morning now by trying to figure out something to wear, plan a "back-up outfit" during the weekend to use during moments like these. Style writer Shannon Wilson from lifestyle site ASDA Good Living offered, "Just like having a rainy day fund, everyone should have a back-up outfit ready for those less well-planned mornings. Choose this outfit at the weekend and put it in a safe, but prominent, place on Sunday night." Genius.

9. Do Fun Things Standing Up

Do you get easily distracted scrolling through Instagram or get too cozy on the couch while watching TV and eating cereal? Do those things standing up and you won't get too comfortable to jump back into your routine. Rashelle Isip, author of The Order Expert's Guide to Time Management, advised Daily Worth, "If you find that you’re unable to tear yourself away from your phone or TV to stick to your schedule, try staying standing while you read/watch TV/scroll Twitter." Simple, but effective.

10. Combine Your Tasks To Free Up Time

Do you like to listen to a podcast before starting your day or catching a part of last night's Bob's Burgers before going to work? You can still have time for it if you multi-task. Lee offered, "Apply your makeup while the coffee is brewing, listen to a news podcast while brushing your teeth or even do some morning stretches as you skim emails on your phone." Do more with less time!

11. Compartments Are Your Friends

There are certain things we grab in the morning on our way out every day: Keys, phone, wallet, favorite lipstick, and coffee money. Save yourself time from rounding these things up by having a small pouch or repurposed makeup bag you can store it all in every evening. Huffington Post offered, "Store your basics in easy-to-transport pouches so you can easily grab and go without worrying you’ve forgotten something." This is perfect for those who like to switch up their purses on a daily basis, making sure you never wind up at the coffee shop only to discover you forgot your credit card at home.

Follow these easy tips and you'll morning routine will be fast and stress-free!

Images: @abeautifulmess/Instagram