Did Lady Gaga Record A Song With These 3 Artists?

What happens when the artists behind jams “Uptown Funk,” “Let It Happen,” “Poker Face,” and “Sorry” join creative forces? We may be so lucky to find out one day. On Sunday, producer Mark Ronson Instagrammed photos of Lady Gaga, Kevin Parker, and BloodPop in a recording studio together (h/t Stereogum). *Rubs eyes in disbelief.* *Looks at pictures again.* *Clutches chest.* Whoa. What a quartet, what a team! What were the English DJ, the pop superstar, the Tame Impala frontman, and the producer formerly known as Blood Diamonds up to, exactly? Though Ronson didn't explicitly spell it out for the folks at home, it looks like the group of musicians might've been recording something magical for Gaga’s to-be-released fourth solo album. *Clutches chest again.*

Back in December, Lily Allen revealed that Gaga and Ronson were working on some tunes for the American Horror Story: Hotel star’s next LP. Keeping that in mind, I don’t think think it's too wild of a jump to assume that whatever comes of this Gaga/Ronson/Impala/Blood recording studio gathering will most likely wind up on the “Born This Way” singer’s next record. Or maybe it's just a followup to Ronson and Parker's previous collaboration "Summer Breaking/Daffodils"? Whatever the case may be, I cannot wait to listen to whatever it is this foursome made.

Now, wait a second. What is the caption on the second photo all about? Is that the name of a to-be-released song? Or is Ronson trying to tell us that this collaboration is merely an illusion? What if the four artists weren't actually making music together, but just kicking it in a recording studio? *Clutches chest a third time.* Hnnnngh. Don't break my heart, Gaga/Ronson/Impala/Blood.