17 Reasons JoJo Fletcher Is All Of Us

by Marenah Dobin

I'm sure that JoJo Fletcher did not really need to go on national TV to find a significant other. She is intelligent, gorgeous, hilarious, and, judging by the guys who have opened up to her so far, easy to talk to. Bachelor Nation loves watching her, and I feel like it's because we all see a little bit of our (best) selves in her. Sure, we all aren't successful business owners who ended up falling in love on reality TV (and are set to do it again), but beyond that, there are plenty of reasons why Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher is so retable to fans. And that is what will make this season of The Bachelorette so captivating to watch. We won't all have the opportunity to have 26 dudes vying for our love, but at least we can all live vicariously through JoJo and her time on the show.

There are so many great reasons to love JoJo, which is why so many people enjoy watching her — everyone can find something to relate to (just maybe not the reality TV fame part). From her experience with relationships to her silly personality to her random fears, here are 17 reasons why JoJo is possibly the most relatable Bachelorette ever.

1. She Has Been On The Rebound

Anyone who's ended a relationship has been there. Your last relationship didn't work out, and you have no idea what or who you want now.

2. She Has Cried Because Of A Person She Loved

Pretty much everyone has cried because of someone they were in love with, whether it was unrequited or not. It is the worst and JoJo relates... clearly.

3. She Takes The Reins When She Needs To

It's great to be cooperative, but there are times when all just need to step up and run the show ourselves. JoJo was done letting someone else decide the fate of her love life, so she took matters into her own hands... only she did it on The Bachelorette.

4. She Has Been In A Love Triangle

We don't all compete on reality TV for love, but it's easy to understand JoJo's struggles in her pursuit of love.

5. She's Still Down-To-Earth

Yes, JoJo signed up to be a reality TV star, but she still doesn't pretend that it's normal for guys to be serenading her, writing poems for her, and dressing up in crazy costumes to impress her. It's kind of like my life — except I just blush when someone gives me a sincere compliment.

6. She's Not Afraid To Express Her Fears... No Matter How Small

Bugs can be so scary, especially when they come out of nowhere. I'm sure many of us have had similar reactions to the one JoJo had when that bug got into her personal space. (Or if not, maybe with something else. Birds? Cats?)

7. She Can't Hide How She Really Feels

JoJo is always keeping it real. What you see is what you get with her, and it is always pretty easy to tell how she's feeling.

8. She Likes To Unwind

Life can get so stressful. Why not take a bath or drink some wine? Or both?

9. She Has A Balance Between Work & Play

You can't work and be responsible 24 hours a day. JoJo gets that you have to throw a little bit of fun in there too. You might not work out with a dumbbell and a mimosa, but you probably should.

10. She's Not Afraid To Laugh At Herself

Like in this instance where she spilled something on her shirt.

11. She Has Bad Days

We all have days that just aren't going our way and so does JoJo. She didn't let a gust of wind from a helicopter bring her down. Well, it did literally bring her down, but she had a good attitude about it.

12. She Has Protective Family & Friends

Not all of us have older brothers, but many of us have family members or friends who can sometimes look out for us more than we look out for ourselves. It can be embarrassing, but it's from a loving place.

13. She Takes Chances

Life would be so boring if you just always did the same things with the same people. JoJo is all about taking chances and trying new things.

14. She Says Silly Things

In theory, we all like to think about what we are going to say before we say it, but that doesn't always happen. Sometimes, we just blurt things out and get made fun of forever. At least, we aren't in front of reality TV cameras though.

15. She Has Exes Who Hit Her Up

Plenty of people all have that one ex who is just going to linger forever. Just when we think we are happy with someone else, he hits us up with a text (or in JoJo's case a multi-page letter).

16. She Listens To Her Friends' Problems

JoJo tries her best to be a good friend, even if it's to other women who are competing for the same man. You might not have been in that exact same spot, but you probably know what it's like to be the friendship therapist from time to time.

17. She Makes Mistakes

So maybe you know where Indiana is on a map, but regardless, we all make mistakes here and there.

Sure, we're not all on reality TV, but there really is a little bit of JoJo in everyone, and that's the perfect reason to watch The Bachelorette.

Images: BachGifs/Tumblr (9)