9 Struggles All Caboodles Owners Understand, Because You Always Could've Used Just A Little More Space

Caboodles were a total game-changer growing up. They were compartmentalized. They were mobile. They came in fun colors and were sometimes sparkly. I couldn't have survived the '90s without mine, but there were still a handful of struggles all Caboodles owners understand. No iconic '90s item was flawless — just ask Capri Sun pouches. And Caboodles were no exception.

I do have to first point out, however, how epic these things were. So epic, in fact, that you can still buy them today. (Or you just kept your original, like I did.) Caboodles were the '90s staple that treated kids like adults, effectively saying, "Hey girl, I know you've got a lot of frosted lipstick and butterfly clips and action figures and stuff. Let me help you out with that." Where would we have been without our organziational boxes?! And don't get me started on today's Caboodle knock-offs. I can't even.

I will forever remain fiercely loyal to the original line of Caboodles; while my supplies of Limited Too body glitter and retractable LipShades lipstick have run dry, my Caboodle today remains the perfect home for my Beauty Blender and matte lipsticks. But there were still those things that drove me absolutely bonkers about them:

1. Trying To Clean The Darn Thing Out


I was a meticulous '90s child, and being a responsible Caboodle owner meant twice-monthly cleanings. But taking a wet paper towel to every corner and crevice was a royal pain in the can. You always left behind traces of bright blue eyeshadow, and the thing was never really clean.

2. Running Out Of Lipstick Holders


My Caboodle had separate compartments for my collection of Lip Smackers and Lisa Frank chapstick, but nothing made my anxiety worse than running out of compartments. Then what? Were you just expected to mix the chapsticks with the other regular make-up? Things weren't meant to be that way.

3. Having To Dig To The Very Bottom For Stuff


Did the Caboodles inventor think you had all the time in the world? Like, did they really think you could waste precious seconds digging through all your make-up to find that one scent of roll-on body glitter you wanted to wear that day? Talk to the hand.

4. When It Wouldn't Clip Shut


Listen. Caboodles are like tackle boxes. They're meant to be carried and moved around. So when a faulty clip totally defeats the purpose of the handle and requires you to cradle your Caboodle as you make your way around the house, we've got problems.

5. When It Would Break Open And Everything Fell Out


Darn you, faulty clip! You were just minding your own business transporting your Caboodle from the bedroom to the bathroom. The thing busted open, and allllllll your stuff spilled and scattered everywhere. Why was life so hard growing up?

6. The Day The Mirror Broke Off


I mean... I don't even know what to tell you. You had to do your make-up without the Caboodle mirror? Man...

7. When There Wasn't Enough Room For Your Hairagami


Yes, I'm aware that Hairagamis probably don't belong in Caboodles, but I crammed it in there anyway. Between the size and shape, sometimes I couldn't even snap my Caboodle closed. Chaos ensued.

8. Discovering Your Pastel Blue Nail Polish Cracked Open And Spilled Everywhere


WHY. Your favorite bottle must've knocked into something and broken, because you opened your Caboodle one morning to find half-dry nail polish everywhere. Worst. Day. Ever.

9. When You Got The Plain One Instead Of One With Sparkles


Your Christmas list was very precise. You were flexible on the color, but required sparkles. What gives?

Images: Caboodles; Giphy (9)