6 Things Happy Couples Let Slide

When we’re young, a lot of us think that our partners are going to be these magical creatures who “complete” us and love all of the things we love and do things the same we do. But it only takes one or two relationships as an adult to realize that no other human being will be our clone and that your love is going to piss you off in a myriad of ways. Something that takes a little bit longer to learn? Which of those things happy couples let go of in relationships.

Not all annoying things are created equal. If your partner does something that gets on your nerves, take a minute to think about how much it actually impacts your happiness and well being. Is it something big, like talking over you or trying to dictate what you wear? Things like that definitely need addressing — don't let them slide. Or is it something small, like borrowing your phone charger and not putting it back where you normally keep it. (Which, yes, can be hella annoying but ultimately is not the end of the world.) If you find that you’re getting really worked up about the small things, chances are there are bigger things going on that you’re not addressing.

And that’s not to say you should just swallow all of your concerns and complaints and be a good, demure little partner. You should definitely mention something if it bothers you — even if it’s a relatively small issue — and your partner might change. But if it really is a small thing and it’s becoming clear that your partner isn’t going to change, it’s probably better to accept that they’re not going to. Remember that there are definitely things that you do that they’re letting slide too.

So what are the small things that happy couples let slide? Check out the list below. But first, check out the latest episode of Bustle's Sex and Relationships podcast, I Want It That Way:

1. Wet Towels On The Floor


Or dishes left in random rooms. Or shoes not put in the proper place. Or sinks not washed out after brushing teeth. Basically stuff being left anywhere that it’s not supposed to be. Yeah, I know it’s annoying but some habits are near impossible to break. Let it slide.

2. Leaving The Lights On


This one drives me nuts, half because I’m cheap AF and it’s a waste of money and half because I grew up in a very environmentally-conscious household. However, it’s also really easy for me to just flick the damn switch myself. You know what’s not easy? Snapping at my partner and getting into a bickering fight about it. Not. Worth it.

3. Borrowing Your Stuff


If you live together, this is inevitable. You will borrow your partner’s stuff and forget to give it back and they’ll do the same to you. Don’t get worked up about — just up your sleuthing skills so you know you’re always able to find that missing phone charger or hoodie.

4. Hitting The Snooze Button Repeatedly


Oh, I used to be so guilty of this one. I have this weird thing where I really, really love that state that’s between fully asleep and fully awake and I was the queen of the snooze button. Like, a full hour snooze button hitting. These days I don’t use an alarm clock usually but on the occasion that I need to, I definitely do still abuse that snooze. My partner absolutely lets this one slide, after a bit of totally reasonable sleep-grumbling.

5. Restless Sleeping


I’ve tried everything to be a better sleeper — exercising more, diet changes, even putting a pillow between my partner and I. But despite my best efforts, some nights I’m just all over the place. (Especially around my period. If anyone has ideas about that one, let me know!) I’m always super apologetic in the morning when my partner tells me that I kept him up all night (or, more than once, kicked him in the balls in my sleep) but he’s great about it. He knows that I can’t help what I do in my sleep and doesn’t blame me for it.

6. Farting


Farting is natural. Everyone does it. I fart a lot. Let farting slide.

Images: Giphy (6); Courtesy of Siân Joan Kavanagh