Olive Garden Spaghetti Pie Is A Thing That Exists Now, And It's All Of Your Wildest Pasta Dreams Come True

There is obviously no right or wrong way to eat pasta, but there is a magical way, and Olive Garden, that haven of all things casual Italian, has figured it out. World, it is my immense pleasure to introduce to you the Olive Garden Spaghetti Pie, a new deep-dish menu item that almost sounds too good to be true, but is in fact a thing that exists, and deserves to be cherished. Olive Garden has taken your fave pasta, cheese, and homemade sauce, and baked it into a flaky crust that is probably unlike anything you've tried before. Oh and the best part? The new Spaghetti Pies are available starting right now.

Olive Garden, as you know, has a knack for dreaming up drool-worthy menu items. As you may recall, the Italian restaurant chain sent the internet in a tizzy last spring when it announced the Olive Garden Breadstick Sandwich, and with good reason — two fluffy, buttery breadsticks holding together chicken parmigiana is pretty hard to pass up, after all. But the Spaghetti Pie? Let's just talk about this for a second, because it's a lot to unpack.

The Spaghetti Pie comes in a few different flavors: Chicken Alfredo, and Meatball. Both involve seven different kinds of cheeses (yes, seven) baked into pasta, and served in a crust kind of like, you know, a pie. The Chicken Alfredo is also baked with Italian bacon, homemade Alfredo, and topped with grilled chicken, while the Meatball comes smothered in meat sauce.

But enough talk, because you're gonna want to see this for yourself. Prepare to feast your eyes.

Here's the Chicken Alfredo, in all of its cream sauce glory. Actually, this one tastes kind of like a more savory macaroni and cheese, which I guess makes sense when you remember that there are seven different types of cheese crammed in there.

And here's the Meatball Spaghetti Pie, served up alongside a meatball, for obvious reasons.

As for the golden flaky perfection you see here? That's the crust we were talking about, that instantly transforms this dish from pasta to pie.

Olive Garden has a few other surprises, too. It's also adding a Spicy Calabrian Chicken Breadstick Sandwich and Eggplant Parmigiana Breadstick Sandwich to its lunch menu, in case you're still hungry after all of that. Behold:

All new items are available through the summer, and they won't set you back too much, either. The Breadstick Sandwiches start at $6.99, and the Spaghetti Pies start at $12.99.

Try not to fill up too much on plain breadsticks, if you can avoid it. I tried both Spaghetti Pies for myself and I gotta say, they're delicious (like, insanely delicious), but you will never feel so full in your life after eating one. There's so much glorious cheese to be had here, people. You're going to want to make sure you save room.

Images: Olive Garden; Kathryn Kattalia