What Will The H&M X Kenzo Collaboration Include? Here Is What To Expect

Everyone's favorite high-street brand has done it again! H&M has announced their latest high-fashion collaboration will be with Parisian design house, Kenzo, adding yet another notch to their list of successful luxe design partnerships. Health goths went mad over H&M X Alexander Wang, glam fashionistas went ballistic for the brand's Balmain range, but this latest collab is so universal, appealing to anyone and everyone with a playful attitude towards fashion. So, what will the Kenzo x H&M collaboration include? You must be wondering. Here is the 411.

According to H&M Magazine, which tapped Creative Directors Humberto Leon and Carol Lim for details on the new partnership, the collaboration will include "clothes and accessories for both men and women." Now, that isn't a ton of information, but at least we know the guys won't be left out of this one. Furthermore, the designers told Vogue.com, "There’s a femininity, there’s fun. There’s a tactile approach to techniques and embroideries, embellishments."

It seems like we can expect a highly ornate collection adorned with tons of bling and intricate stitching. Another clue to the line's aesthetic comes via the promotional clip, which is a brilliant blend of vibrant patterns and bright colors galore.

This looks like a match made in sartorial heaven, doesn't it?

The collection officially drops on Nov. 3, but until then, let's take a look at nine elements that will hopefully be included in the line.

1. Jungle-Inspired Symbols

Tiger T-shirt, $130, neimanmarcus.com

If there is one thing Kenzo is notorious for, it's their signature tiger head emblems, and any collaboration of theirs won't feel complete without it.

2. Eye Print

All Over Eyes Skirt, $250, kenzo.com

Second to the tiger is the all-over eye print, which is just as iconic.

3. Graphic Prints

Jungle Jacket, $645, kenzo.com

Another thing the brand is known for? Bold, vibrant prints, and I predict lots in the upcoming collection.

4. Mixed Patterns

Diagonal Stripe Top, $465, kenzo.com

This whole deconstructed, blocked pattern thing is hella' cool.

5. Embroidery

Sweatshirt Collier, $330, kenzo.com

We already know to expect lots of embellishment, and I can't wait to see how it's translated into the fast fashion collection.

6. Loungewear

KENZO Skate Hoodie, $275, kenzo.com

Fingers crossed for loads of super cool hoodies, just like this one.

7. Feminine Silhouettes

Printed Slip Dress, $1,280, kenzo.com

Feminine, flirty dresses like this one would mesh so well with H&M's fun and girly aesthetic.

8. Sheer Elements

Openwork Cardigan, $435, kenzo.com

The perfect way to do subtly sexy.

Images: KENZO (9); hm/Instagram (1)