Everything is, and always will be, awesome

You guessed it: The Lego Movie continues to dominate the box office, probably because it looks great, sounds great, and has great jokes. I even heard people gushing about it on public transportation yesterday, which was a huge surprise: I usually only hear the bing of doors opening or the slurred consolation of one drunk friend to another, reassuring him that, no, he doesn't look that drunk. If people are enjoying The Lego Movie enough to break the protective silent bubble of the T, it must be tearing it up.

Indeed, The Lego Movie made a respectable $31.5 million this week, strong-arming competitors like 3 Days to Kill and Pompeii. In fact, it made more than those two opening films combined, as they earned $12.3 million and $10 million, respectively. If The Lego Movie were a pro wrestler, it would be dusting itself off after having used the ring ropes to slingshot its body through the other two films, leaving them crushed and huddling on the foam padding of the ring floor. Whether it's been aided by Batman (Will Arnett) announcing school closings or the release of its blooper reel, The Lego Movie has fought its way up to the top and is there to stay. I'm so impressed, in fact, that I might even consider watching it myself instead of trying to splice together plot points from the countless trailers and extras I've been watching. In fact, I'll make a deal. If you win the box office this week, The Lego Movie, I will finally go see you. As laborious and entertaining as our relationship has been up to this point, I'm about to break out of the three-minute clips and treat myself to the real deal. But before I do, we should all enjoy this "making-of" tribute that manages to roast the characters, viewers, and other "making-of" tributes all at the same time.

Image: Warner Bros.