'X-Men' Wraps Things Up In A Big Way

X-Men: Apocalypse is not only the latest X-Men movie, but the latest in a string of huge superhero movies featuring comics characters. Apocalypse has many of the same ingredients as the other movies, with a large number of characters played by A-listers, the latest special effects, 3D offerings, and more. This has some fans wondering if the new movie will share another similarity with recent Marvel flicks — in other words, if there are two post-credits scenes in X-Men: Apocalypse. It would seem feasible that there would be more than one, since the film is coming right off the tails of Captain America: Civil War, which has both a mid-credits scene and a post-credits one. But unfortunately for those who can't get enough X-Men, the new movie doesn't have two additional scenes once the credits start rolling.

But wait! X-Men: Apocalypse does have one post-credits scene for your viewing pleasure. The scene provides a set-up for the next Wolverine movie, scheduled to come out in 2017. Without giving away too much, the sequence implies that the villain Mister Sinister may play a role in the upcoming film. It's a subtle yet effective teaser, obviously designed to get fans excited for the next film in the series. But not all of the X-Men movies have taken this route. Here's how the previous films in the franchise handled the question of a post-credits scene.


No post-credits scene here, although this 2000 film left fans thirsty for more.


Following the lead of the first film, X2 had nothing after the credits except for a blank screen.

X-Men: The Last Stand

This movie had a mysterious, brief post-credits scene which intimated that Charles Xavier had transferred his consciousness into a new body.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

There were two post-credits scene for this movie, one of which was a setup for Deadpool and one of which was a setup for The Wolverine.

X-Men: First Class

There was no post-credits scene for this movie, which I can only imagine made some moviegoers pretty mad.

The Wolverine

This post-credits scene, which led into Days of Future Past, revealed that Magneto's powers had returned and Xavier was still alive.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past

This post-credits scene took viewers back to Ancient Egypt for an introduction to En Sabah Nur, who would become the villain in Apocalypse.

Considering that not all of the X-Men movies have had post-credits scenes, it's actually pretty sweet that Apocalypse has even one. So instead of pouting at the lack of a second post-credits scene, get excited about what Apocalypse could be foreshadowing for Wolverine in the next chapter of the series.

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