5H May Have Given Us The Song Of The Summer

I never thought I'd wish for the days of "Blurred Lines" back again, but wasn't it kind of a relief when we all knew what the Song of the Summer was and didn't have to keep asking each other. Like, for example, is Fifth Harmony's "Work From Home" the Song of the Summer? I'm sorry to be so needy and keep asking, but I truly can't rest until I get a satisfying answer. I mean it's almost June, you guys. We have to lock this down before summer actually arrives and we're caught with our pants down and a whole list of possible contenders for the honor.

We've talked about Justin Timberlake's danceable hit "Can't Stop The Feeling," and thrown around the possibility of Adele's new single "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)," and now it's time to turn our attention to the newest hat being thrown into the ring — "Work From Home." It's by the girl group Fifth Harmony, as I mentioned, and it has a catchy beat, a playing-hooky theme, and double entendres for days. What more could you want for a hot-weather banger? Especially one that you're going to be hearing again and again until you want to throw your car radio out the window?

Even though it came out earlier than is typical for an SOS, with a Feb. 26 release date, that just means that it's had more time to drill itself into our brains and infiltrate the radio. Both of which "Work From Home" has done to an impressive degree. The song is also about to get quite the boost from the fact that Fifth Harmony's full sophomore album, 7/27 was released on May 27. What better way to remind the good people of America of this classic-waiting-to-happen, and give it just the nudge it needs to completely dominate the airways this summer?

There's still time for another challenger to come up in the ranks and claim the top spot, but things are looking pretty good for "Work From Home." Now, how do you think your boss would feel about you working from home for the next week or so in celebration? Seems pretty reasonable to me.

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