Dinosaur Emoji Might Be On The Way!

If you're an emoji addict who's also really into dinosaurs, you just may be in luck: According to Emojepedia, dinosaur emoji have been proposed for Unicode 10, and I, for one, am thrilled. What's better than using emoji to text your best friend, caption of your Instagram pics with, or provide an additional layer of meaning to your epic Snapchats? Nothing... except being able to do so with dinosaurs.

It turns out that there are actually a ton of proposed new emoji possibly coming our way. According to Emojipedia, the 147th Unicode Technical Committee meeting was held the week of May 9, and during it, three new emoji were approved: the Orange Heart, the Sled, and the Curling Stone. The trio is scheduled for release in 2017 as part of the Unicode 10 update. Why, exactly, these three were picked definitely and everything else is in the waiting room, I can't be sure. Maybe winter 2017 is set to be especially epic? Who knows.

Other recently proposed emoji that are pretty cool — and meaningful — are the ones representing women in diverse careers. Earlier this month, a proposal was submitted to the Unicode Consortium to extend the emoji depicting women to be more inclusive, depicting women in careers such as agriculture, food service, education, and (thankfully) being a rockstar; this proposal was heard during the committee meeting, so here's hoping it makes the cut.

So, what's the deal with these dinosaurs? Emojipedia gives our curious minds access to the actual proposals submitted with the emoji. Yes: We get to read exactly what these dinosaur emoji are aiming to do, and why their designers think they deserve to fly all over our keyboards.

1. The T-Rex Head

Personally, I love a T-Rex as much as the next person, but I have to say, Courtney Milan pretty much sold me on the idea through her Jurassic Emoji proposal. Milan notes that there are many opportunities to use the T-Rex emoji — "T-Rexing is used to describe the destruction of physical property," for example. Additionally, the "rawr" sound associated with the T-Rex is also commonly used in society to denote emotions like rage. Lastly, Milan argues that because of the popularity of the T-Rex in the media, such as in the Jurassic Park and Land of the Lost narratives, the T-Rex offers particular contemporary edge.

2. The Bronto Head

Ah, the Bronto. The Bronto was actually one of my favorite dinosaurs in elementary school, and apparently, for good reason. As Milan points out, the brontosaurus represents "size, strength, and placidity." In terms of size, it's supposed to be one of the largest creatures to ever walk the Earth. That said, they're also thought to have had relatively sweet, gentle personalities, so Milan argues the Bronto could also be used to convey that someone is a bit of a gentle giant.

3. The Triceratops Head

Last but not least, the famous Triceratops. Known for their girth and strength, it doesn't surprise me that Milan points out one could use the Triceratops emoji to convey "that someone is ready to finish a fight." She also points out that this emoji could be used to convey hostility towards someone who has harmed you in the past. Yikes.

So, there we have it! There are tons of cool emoji we might just get in the near future; however, it's good to keep in mind that these are mostly proposals, so they're not set in stone. But I mean, still. Dinosaur emoji, you guys.

Images: Pixabay; Emojipedia (3)

Correction: This post originally attributed the emoji as being created by Ethan Young. The emoji design was was conceived by Courtney Milan as part of her Unicode proposal and executed by Ethan Young.