9 Things You Loved About Your Caboodle, The Perfect '90s Must-Have That Was Full Of Happy Surprises

There are certain memories from your childhood in the '90s that are so full of love and happiness that you'll hang on to them until the day you die. And then when you're a ghost, you're going to hang out with your ghost friends and talk about how cool the '90s were. You'll laugh about popcorn shirts and your questionable fashion choices; you'll look back fondly on your brother's bowl cut; you'll reminisce about all the things you loved about your Caboodle. Because they were many, and honestly, most of us probably still aren't totally over them. Just saying.

It's true that our youths wouldn't have been the same without Caboodles. They were everyone's favorite make-up box — so good that you'd ask your parents to buy you one even if you didn't have any make-up to put in it. (Storage box works, too!) But as we've learned by now as grown-ups, there are many ways to use your Caboodle — which means that these glorious containers don't have to stay in the '90s. We can keep bringing them along with us for as long as they're useful (which will probably be forever).

You know that a '90s staple was good when they're still making them today, and Caboodles are totally happening. Here are just nine reasons why we loved them so darn much.

1. Surprise Compartments You Weren't Expecting

You open it up and there's all this space for all your stuff, and then bam — two more little shelves come out. We call that a "Caboodle win."

2. Themed Caboodles

Caboodles liked to spice things up; so sometimes there'd be a Barbie sticker on the clip, or even a Trolls sticker, and sometimes Hello Kitty made an appearance.

3. This Ad For Caboodles Make-Up

ProjectAdHand on YouTube

That one girl is really excited to be putting on blush, but then again, wouldn't you be excited if you got tiny Caboodles make-up, too?

4. The Fun Colors And Sparkles

Caboodles looked '90s as hell, but weren't the colors so much fun? Blues and purples and pinks, and... sparkles. Everything is better with sparkles.

5. The Built-In Mirror

How the heck could you have so perfectly applied your cotton candy Lip Smacker without it?

6. Finding Things Inside That You Forgot You Even Had

It's like putting on an old jacket and finding $5 inside. Happy birthday.

7. Comparing Caboodles At Sleepovers And Birthday Parties

The only thing more fun than playing in your Caboodle was playing in someone else's Caboodle. It felt like a treasure hunt... like shopping, except you didn't have to pay for anything.

8. Carrying It Around Like A Purse

You didn't have a purse, mainly because you didn't need one. But when you wanted to feel like more of a grown-up, you'd pack up the essentials (Lip Smackers, tattoo chokers, Hard Candy nail polish) and prance around the house with your Caboodle in hand.

9. Decorating It With Your Favorite Stickers

Caboodles were so much fun to personalize. What's not to love?

Image: Caboodles