Tommen Betrayed His Family On 'Game Of Thrones'

Poor, little King Tommen finally asserted his power in the Game of Throne 's episode "Blood of My Blood," but it was not a move that pleased his family. After Jaime Lannister attempted to stop Margaery's walk of atonement, the High Sparrow revealed that Tommen had already converted to the Faith of the Seven. While Tommen saved his wife from having to walk through the streets of King's Landing naked like his mother did in Season 5, he naively gave the power to rule King's Landing over to the High Sparrow and his religious fanatics. As Margaery's grandmother Olenna Tyrell observed, the High Sparrow has beaten the royal families of Westeros, including Tommen's own mother and uncle (errrr, father). And from everything I've ever seen on Game of Thrones, it's never a wise move to go against the Lannisters.

Even after Tommen's touching defense of his mother to the High Sparrow, the last surviving child of twin siblings Cersei and Jaime Lannister decided to side with the religion of the Faith of the Seven. Along with now having to "answer to the gods," Tommen also believes that Jaime is no longer fit to be the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard and told him he must go to the Riverlands to fight the Blackfish's army. Obviously, the High Sparrow came up with this plan to banish Jaime from King's Landing and Jaime was not going down without a fight. However, his sister and lover convinced him it's better to be in power as a Lannister than be help captive by the Faith of the Seven.

Considering the High Sparrow had previously defeated Cersei by having her do the walk of atonement, Cersei will have even a greater vendetta against the religious leader now that he has manipulated her child. Cersei doesn't like being shamed, but she's even more protective of Jaime and especially her children. As Tommen is her only surviving child, she's going to be more than displeased that the High Sparrow has taken control over her son. I can only hope that Tommen's decision to become religious leads to a masterful showdown between the High Sparrow and Cersei. And though I can hardly believe I'm saying this, Cersei better come out on top because I'd rather have Cersei in power than religious fanatics. As she reminded Jaime before entering into some serious twincest, it's a good thing that she's got the Mountain.

Image: Helen Sloan/HBO