5 Times Dan Humphrey Was a Book-Lover's Dream

Ah, Dan Humphrey. Lonely Boy. The book-loving boyfriend every book-lover dreamed of someday having. Aside from being a middle school staple read, the Gossip Girl TV show brought our favorite characters to life, from Blair and Serena to the beloved Dan Humphrey, one of the best fictional bookworms of all time. He might have been called Lonely Boy, but was he ever really lonely? Every reader knows that if you have a book with you, you're never really alone, and Dan always had a book with him.

From being a reader to writing a book of his own, Dan was literary throughout the duration of the book series and show run. You couldn't help but love him — and be ever so slightly envious of whoever he was dating that season. Even when we found out he was writing and blogging about his own group of friends, it was still hard not to love his bookish ways. Plus, he was just so nice to look at. From social outcast to ultimate insider, Dan never stopped being a reader at heart. Here are 5 of his most bookish moments, AKA the 5 times he was the bookish boyfriends of our high school dreams.

1. When He Was Published in The New Yorker

Dan was pretty private about what he was writing, but when his story was nominated and accepted for publication by The New Yorker, he couldn't wait for the world to read what he'd written. And who could blame him!

2. When We See His Book Collection

Of course Dan would have a room full of books. He was an aspiring writer and a not-so-secret bookworm, but still, seeing those stacks of books in his Brooklyn bedroom pretty much sealed the deal for bookworms everywhere.

3. When He Starred in The Age of Innocence

It was a requirement that everyone participate in the play in some capacity, but, still. *swoon*

4. When He Wrote His Own Book

Sure, everyone kind of wanted to punch him when it came out, but he still wrote something that meant something to him. Like Jess Mariano, some bookworms are just destined to be readers and writers.

5. Whenever He Had His Nose In A Book

Dan ended the series as the "ultimate insider," but he started out completely invisible at St. Jude's, mainly because he had no problem sitting alone and reading. He always had his nose in a book, and that is something we can all relate to.

Image: Warner Bros.