12 Of The Hottest Male Bookworms In Movies And TV

by Sadie Trombetta

When it comes to sexual attraction, everyone has a type, but for me, there's one simple thing that makes a man infinitely more desirable: a passion for reading. All of my my real-life crushes and significant others have been avid readers, but my obsession doesn't stop there — I've also pined for many of the hottest male bookworms on movies and TV. There's just something about a fictional love interest with a backpack full of paperbacks that makes my heart skip a beat.

Maybe it's the basic shared interest that makes readers more appealing than nonreaders, or the fact that bookworms are generally more sensitive and in touch with their feelings, but whatever the reasoning, there's no denying how sexy book-lovers are, fictional or otherwise. A man with a book in his hands is always sexier than one without, even when it comes to on-screen hotties. If you're a book-lover too, than you know exactly what I mean, because there's nothing hotter than a guy who can recite William Shakespeare sonnets, quote James Joyce, likes to meet for dates in a bookstore, and enjoys a naughty make out session in the local library stacks.

Unfortunately, I haven't met too many of these attractive, well-read book lovers IRL. Fortunately, there are plenty on TV and in movies. From the streets of small fictional towns to the shelves of quaint bookstores abroad, there seems to be more than enough hot, albeit fictional, book-loving men to go around. In case you need some inspiration for your own fantasies, here are 12 of the hottest bookworms on screen.

1. James "Sawyer" Ford, Lost

From his personal stashed collection of books to his adorable mismatched reading glasses, the sexiest thing about bad-boy Sawyer isn't his golden locks or winning smile, but his obvious obsession for books and reading. Makes you want to find your own deserted island with him, doesn't it?

2. Everyone, The Librarians

While I have a soft spot in my heart for their fearless leader, Noah, all of the book-lovers on TNT's The Librarians are pretty damn attractive. From the smart, small-town boy, Jacob Stone, to the sly and sexy thief, Ezekiel Jones, The Librarians is filled with well-read, good looking men to fuel our booknerd fantasies.

3. William Thacker, Notting Hill

If you're attractive enough to win over Julia Roberts, you're attractive enough for me. Hugh Grant's Will Thacker is the stuff of a book-lover's dreams: smart, handsome, and owns his own bookshop. And just look at that smile! If only there were more Wills IRL.

4. Dan Humphrey, Gossip Girl

Sensitive, romantic, and occasionally brooding, Dan Humphrey's creative, book-loving self was every high school book-lover's dream boyfriend. Not only an avid reader, Dan was also an author, and it doesn't get much more attractive than that.

5. Joey Tribbiani, Friends

While he may not seem like the bookish type, 10 seasons of Friends revealed there was more to Joey Tribbiana than his good looks and love for pizza. Any man who isn't afraid to cry over Little Women is a sexy man in my eyes. (Plus, who can forget the time he got so scared he put The Shining in the freezer?)

6. Jess Mariano, Gilmore Girls

Maybe you're Team Dean, maybe you're Team Logan, but no matter who you wanted Rory to end up with, you can't deny one simple fact: Jess Mariano is one attractive bookworm. Sensitive, brooding, and oh-so-sexy, I would let Jess read out loud to me any day,

7. Donnie Darko, Donnie Darko

Another brooding young man, Donnie Darko may be dark and depressed, but that doesn't make him any less hot. If the world ended with us reading next to each other, I wouldn't complain.

8. Ezra Fitz, Pretty Little Liars

Nothing is hotter than forbidden love — nothing, that is, other than forbidden love with an avid reader. Ezra Fitz has his fair share of flaws, but one of his best qualities (aside from those piercing eyes and school boy grin) is his passion for all things literature. Yeah, I'd risk a detention for him, too.

9. Noah Calhoun, The Notebook

From his unbreakable faith in true love to his sweet and sentimental side, there are a million reasons to love The Notebook 's Noah Calhoun, but the millionth and first is simple: he's a man who likes to read. To get over his speech impediment, Noah read poetry aloud as a child, but it's a habit that thankfully stuck with him, and helped Allie (and us) fall for him.

10. Danny Castellano, The Mindy Project

Maybe things didn't work out for Mindy and Danny, but that just means there is one more fictional reader out there for us to pine for. Smart and well-read, it's hard to fault Danny for his old-fashioned ways when he snaps his reading glasses over his sweet brown eyes. If only he could learn to dance and recite book passages at once.

11. Lucas Scott, One Tree Hill

A true teenage heartthrob, Lucas Scott's abs weren't the only thing that made us fall for him on One Tree Hill . His sensitivity, his inner romantic, and his love for reading and writing made him endlessly more attractive. If only he wrote a love story for us...

12. Don Draper, Mad Men

Don Draper is a complicated man with plenty of baggage, but even his troubled past doesn't change how good looking he is. But what can? His love for reading, which makes him even sexier than his dark eyes.

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