The Urban Decay Makeup Brushes Are Made Of...

Who knew! Urban Decay dropped 29 new makeup brushes via its website on Memorial Day, May 30. There is a brush for every feature and every makeup need in this collection, which features thick, densely packed bristles and brushed gunmetal x black handles. Since UD is known for its cruelty-free stance, you might be wondering one thing. Are the Urban Decay makeup brushes vegan?

The answer is yes, of course they are. The Urban Decay Pro brushes are featured on the brand's "vegan" page. Also, in the product description for the brushes, Urban Decay reveals that these slaytastic tools are cruelty-free. UD also brags, rightfully so, about the fact that these wands are not only easy on the eyes but they are good for the environment, too. No animals were harmed during the crafting of these brushes and the synthetic hair bristles were crafted from — wait for it– recycled plastic bottles. So next time you chug a bevvie from a plastic bottle, think about the fact that you might be holding onto a future makeup brush.

The handles are made of recycled aluminum, so the brushes are doubly good for the environment. The brushes may be gunmetal and black, but they are green at heart.

Observe some of the brushes below.

Large Eyeshadow Brush, $26, Urban Decay

You can blend for days with this eyeshadow brush.

Optical Blurring Blush, $32, Urban Decay

The brand also points out that that the synthetic hairs are more hygienic. They don't cling to the bacteria the same way that pourous animal hair brushes do. That makes these babies easier to clean.

Here's the product description in black and white, straight from the Urban Decay site, touting the brushes as cruelty-free and environmentally sound.

Tapered Blending Brush, $24, Urban Decay

The UD Pro Brushes are so sleek, chic, and slay when it comes to their functionality. The brand clearly put a lot of thought into the construction and development of these brushes.

Faux is better in this case, when it comes to makeup brush hairs!

Images: Courtesy of Urban Decay (4)