'Teen Wolf' Wouldn't Be The Same Without Stiles

Sometimes, it's easy to believe that celebrities are bulletproof: the lives of the rich, charming, and famous often seem like endless waves of red carpet premieres and on-set shenanigans. But just a few months ago, Teen Wolf star Dylan O'Brien's life was shockingly derailed when an accident on the set of the Maze Runner sequel sent him to the hospital with injuries. Though the actor remains stable and in recovery, rumors have begun to swirl about all of his projects, and the question of whether Dylan O'Brien will return for Teen Wolf Season 6 is weighing on fans' minds.

At the MTV Movie Awards in April, O'Brien's Teen Wolf co-star Tyler Posey told E! News of the actor, "He’s okay. It was very scary for a little bit — I was really worried. He’s good, he’s back home." A few weeks later on April 29, O'Brien's publicist told The Hollywood Reporter, "His injuries are very serious, and he needs more time to recover." That may explain why, though Teen Wolf usually premieres in June, MTV has not yet released any official Season 6 promos or even announced a premiere date. That means it's unlikely the show will return soon and suggests that it is waiting for O'Brien to recover so that he can return to his role as Stiles.

Not only that, but blog Creative123 claims to have interviewed Teen Wolf producer Jeff Davis and that he said the following about O'Brien's future on the series:

"No, we aren’t replacing Stiles. Dylan O’Brien will be back to film soon. he can’t do any stunts and we’re talking with Wes Ball, the producer of The Maze Runner, we hope to get him back on Teen Wolf to film, while being injured, but the thing is, he wants to film, he’s in perfect condition. But he’s just not doing fine enough to do any stunts."

Until MTV or O'Brien makes an official announcement about Teen Wolf Season 6, all fans can do is wish him a speedy recovery and hope for good news that he'll be back. It's hard to even imagine what Teen Wolf would look like without Stiles, because this is what we'd be missing.

Stiles' Straight Talk

When things get nuts, you can always count on Stiles to set the record straight, calm the wheezing werewolves down, and stay seriously funny in the process.

O'Brien's Effortless Charm

O'Brien has enough movie star charm to fill 10 TV series, and it's hard to believe any casting could improve upon that formula.

O'Brien's Serious Acting Chops

Stiles is often so fun and light, it's easy to forget that O'Brien is a very serious heavyweight even when it comes to the darkest scenes. Remember Void Stiles? Intense.

His Relationship With Lydia

While I totally don't blame Lydia for having high standards (she deserves the best of the best), Stiles' crush on her is really sweet. And while I'm totally here for their awesome friendship, I can't help but hope it'll turn into something more.

O'Brien's Serious Physical Comedy

O'Brien is by far the funniest person on Teen Wolf, and considering the entire ensemble is an impressive collection of young talent, that's really saying something. I'd miss his wacky little pterodactyl arms.

Stiles & Scott

It's no secret that Posey and O'Brien are friends in real life, and their natural rapport translates perfectly (and hilariously) to the screen. If our central werewolf doesn't have a Stiles to his Scott, well it wouldn't really feel like Teen Wolf at all, now would it?

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