Who Plays Albus Severus In 'The Cursed Child'?

Finally, after months and months of speculation, we have the first cast photos from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child , and Potterheads everywhere have got their first look at adult Harry and Ginny Potter and their second child and youngest son, Albus Severus Potter. As you browse the photos and ponder the symbolism of Harry's haircut, you may also find yourself wondering: who plays Albus Severus in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child ?

Albus Severus Potter will be played by Sam Clemmett, a London-based actor who — according to his resume — has been acting professionally since 2010, when he appeared as Mickey in the Norwich Theatre Royal Studio Theatre's production of Blood Brothers. Since then, he has nabbed eight different stage roles, including the role of Albus in the forthcoming Cursed Child.

In the official casting announcement on Pottermore, J.K. Rowling kept suspiciously mum about Sam Clemmett. "There's much I could say about Sam-as-Albus," Rowling said of the actor. "But we'd be into spoiler territory so quickly, I'll just say we couldn't have cast better."

Rowling previously revealed that Cursed Child would probably make audiences cry, so we sincerely hope her "spoilers" don't include a dead Albus Severus Potter. (Or, less tragically, a Slytherin Albus Severus Potter.)

Though the casting wasn't announced until today, Clemmett has dropped hints about it over the past several weeks. Four weeks ago, he posted an Instagram photo of the Palace Theatre London, where Cursed Child will be playing.


This is undoubtedly Clemmett's hugest role to date. Albus Severus Potter appeared on-screen briefly in the final movie of the Harry Potter series (played by actor Arthur Bowen), but this will be the first time audiences will really get to know the character.

Born in 2006, Albus Severus is the second son of Harry and Ginny Potter. He's two years younger than his brother, James Sirius, and two years older than his sister, Lily Luna. The plot of Cursed Child centers upon Albus — the unfortunately dubbed 'cursed child' — as he struggles with the "weight of his family legacy" while at Hogwarts. J.K. Rowling says the play will begin where the seventh book ends; as you remember, the series ends as Albus Severus prepares to board the Hogwarts Express and worries to his parents that he may be sorted into Slytherin. Could Albus Severus be sorted into Slytherin in the new two-part play? We'll have to wait to find out.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child officially opens in July 2016 and preview performances begin on June 7, 2016. Until then, we'll have to hold our breaths and wait for more information about the fate of Harry, Ginny, Albus and all the rest.

Images: Courtesy of Charlie Gray