The Violet Voss x Laura Lee Palette Is So Worth It

by Jessica Thomas

A few months after her announcement that she would be creating a palette with makeup company Violet Voss, YouTube makeup star Laura Lee announced her long-awaited palette would be released June 10. The gorgeous palette from the beauty vlogger features 20 highly pigmented shades. But what's the answer to the question that we're all wondering about? How much will the Violet Voss x Laura Lee palette cost?

Luckily, like any good social media-savvy vlogger, Lee announced how much the palette will cost on her Instagram. It'll retail for $45, which is pretty much par for the course with the price of an eyeshadow palette these days, especially one that has 20 shades. And if you can judge by the swatch photo Lee posted, it looks like a little will go a long way with the eyeshadows. They're super vibrant. The palettes go on sale for pre-release on June 10 at 10 a.m. PST, and they'll go on full sale June 23, according to Lee and the brand's Instagram pages. Considering Lee has 1 million followers on YouTube, I'm betting that pre-release is going to sell out fast.

I can't blame fans for wanting to get it during the first release based on how gorgeous the palette is,

I mean, how amazing do the shades look in this swatch pic?

It looks like Violet Voss is definitely preparing for this product to be insanely popular. They've already started packaging the palettes.

That's a lot of palettes.

I, for one, am hoping they're fully prepared for Lee's fans to purchase out their entire stock of palettes and for any restocks to happen quickly. And considering how great this product is, one can only hope there will be more collabs from Lee and Violet Voss in the future.

Image: shopvioletross/Instagram