Who Plays Ron Weasley In 'The Cursed Child'? Paul Thornley Certainly Looks The Part

Potterheads across the world have been seriously struggling to concentrate on work this morning, after the release of even more Harry Potter cast photos. On Tuesday, we caught a glimpse of Harry, Ginny and Albus Severus Potter; on Wednesday, we've had the chance to see Ron and Hermione with their adorably smiley daughter Rose Granger-Weasley. And it's perfect (other than the worrying absence of Weasley son Hugo). I love Hermione's knowledgeable half-smirk (a facial expression I imagine the super-smart witch has to wear a lot with Ron Weasley for a husband); I love Ron's casual cheerfulness and his clearly home-knitted sweater. But who plays Ron Weasley in The Cursed Child ? Because man, did they get him spot on.

Paul Thornley is a British actor who's taken on a pretty impressive variety of roles in the past. Thornley has appeared in movies, on TV, and on stage—and he's acted alongside big names like Olivia Colman and Sacha Baron Cohen in the process. He even had a small role in Minions!

Most importantly, he's got the J.K. Rowling seal of approval. Rowling told Pottermore that Thornley is "funny and brilliant" in the role, and that "Ron in his forties isn't very different from Ron in his teens" — which is great news for those of us who had massive crushes on Ron the first time around. And it sounds like Thornley's fallen into character pretty well: when he described his daughter as "magnificent," it gave us all Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone flashbacks, to when Ron just could not believe how "brilliant" Hermione was. Oh no, is it time to break out the Kleenex already?

So we know Paul Thornley's got the acting chops to take on this important role — but does he have the hair? Sadly, no: the glorious greying-ginger locks Thornley is sporting in the new cast photos are the product of a dye job. In real life, Paul Thornley's hair is more of a faded strawberry blond — but you've got to admit, he looks great in Weasley red.

Image: Courtesy of Charlie Gray