Fans Want This Kylie Lip Gloss Color To Happen

Get ready, makeup lovers, because another Kylie Cosmetics gloss might be in the works. Kylie Jenner asked her fans which color gloss they'd like to see next, and people have some strong opinions. Considering the Lip Kit queen loves to take her customers into consideration when it comes to her new products, the next gloss color could be hiding in her Twitter comments.

In true Jenner form, the makeup maven took to Twitter to ask for some help with her next gloss creation. She already has three nude shades — Like, Literally, and So Cute — available, but apparently the collection will be expanding sometime soon. People have a pretty specific color in mind too. According to the comment on her social media post, a bunch of fans want to see an iridescent colored gloss to layer over her Lip Kits. That's pretty genius, if you ask me.

This isn't the first time she's asked her fans for some Kylie Cosmetics advice either. Jenner posted the same question about her lipsticks to social media, and the fan-favorite black ended up being the next addition to the Metals collection. If she sticks with her pattern, there could very well be an clear gloss added to the lip wear family the summer.

It really wouldn't surprise me one bit if an mostly clear iridescent shade came next for Kylie Cosmetics. Not only is it a completely versatile color, but it's an all-around great idea. You could use it with every Lip Kit and lipstick she sells (or the ones already in your collection) as well as on its own for a wet, glossy pout. The '90s are back, my friends!

Plus there's the fact that Jenner loves her nude shades. The first three Lip Kits and Glosses that came out were in the neutral and pink family, and her favorite Lip Kip color is Candy K. You never know what Jenner will do next, but you can always bet that she's trying hard to make her fans happy.

Here's what they had to say:

Now this one had some thought put into it.

Short, sweet, and straight to the point.

An iridescent would tie in the entire collection of glosses, metallics, and mattes.

Just try and tell me that this wouldn't be gorgeous.

Yes, please!

Give the people what they want, Jenner.

These Tweets are turning into really though-out pitches.

Whatever the next color is, odds are it's going to be gorgeous.