Tormund Deserves Brienne More Than Jaime On 'GoT'

Daenerys Targaryen may currently be in the market to buy some ships to set sail for Westeros, but there's already a ship that's moving full steam ahead on Game of Thrones Season 6. I'm referring, of course, to the unexpected but highly amusing relationship that's blossomed between Brienne of Tarth and Tormund Giantsbane throughout the past six episodes. It's a romance we didn't even know that we wanted and now that it's kinda sorta maybe happening, I can't imagine life without it. However, Tormund isn't the first character to be romantically linked to the fiercely independent Brienne. She grew extremely close to Jaime Lannister in Season 3, leaving many fans to wonder if this friendship could eventually turn into something more. But here's the thing — Tormund is a much better fit for Brienne than Jaime on Game of Thrones .

That's not to say that I haven't found myself secretly rooting for a Jaime and Brienne hook-up from time to time because I definitely have. In fact, she's the main reason why I started actually liking Jaime (father of Joffrey, slayer of kings) in the first place. She brings out a better side of him than Cersei ever could. Plus, the whole lack of incest aspect to their relationship definitely goes in the win column. However, that doesn't mean that he is the right fit for her. So while it's true that Brienne doesn't need a man in her life, if she does decide that she wants a little TLC during those long, cold nights (winter is coming, after all), then here's why I think Tormund would make for a better romance companion.

1. He's Supportive Of Her Career

While many men have scoffed at or made fun of Brienne's decision to become a badass warrior, Tormund seems nothing short of impressed. In fact, it's probably what initially attracted him to her in the first. (And just think, he hasn't even seen her sword fighting skills yet.) She deserves a man who supports her career ambitions and, even better, admires her for it.

2. He Treats Her With Respect

Granted, we haven't actually seen them say any direct words to each other yet, but it's a lot better than any catcalling or derogatory remarks, which are all too common among men in general, never mind in George R.R. Martin's fictitious world.

3. He Appreciates Her Inner & Outer Beauty

How many jabs did Jaime used to make about Brienne's physical appearance upon their initial meeting? More than a few. Tormund, on the other hand, can't seem to take his eyes off of her and isn't afraid to make it known how amazing he thinks she is.

4. She Deserves A Love Interest

Just because she doesn't need a man in her life to feel completely doesn't mean that she can't want one if the opportunity presents itself.

5. They're Loyal To A Fault

Just as Brienne was extremely loyal to Renly, Catelyn Stark, and now Sansa, Tormund has always put the needs of his people above his own personal gain. I think that's a quality Brienne would very much respect in a potential romantic partner — an area which I'm afraid Jaime tends to come up short in, regarding anyone else but Cersei.

6. They Could Poke Fun At Jon Snow's Broodiness Together

Every relationship needs a hobby, right?

7. They'd Make For An Unstoppable Team On The Battlefield

The couple that fights together, stays together. (Or something like that.)

8. His Flirtation Game Is Strong

I mean, how do you even compete with that? You can't. You just can't.

So come on GoT writers, let's make Tarthbane happen ASAP!

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