Erika Christensen's Baby Shower Included A Mini-'Parenthood' Reunion That Will Give Fans All The Feels — PHOTOS

Even though Parenthood came to an end over a year ago, that doesn't mean the cast didn't remain friends. For example, that will surely give fans all the feels. Basically, it's like every episode of the NBC series, because when weren't you either crying, laughing, or crying some more while watching? Anyways, now that with her husband Cole Maness, it's only appropriate that she celebrate the impending arrival of their daughter with some of her fellow cast members.

So, which Parenthood stars attended? None other than , aka Sarah Braverman and Amber Holt. Christensen couldn't have a baby shower without her on-screen sister and niece now could she? It's kind of a bummer that Monica Potter (Kristina), Joy Bryant (Jasmine), Bonnie Bedelia (Camille), and Sarah Ramos (Haddie) weren't in attendance, but I'll take what I can get when it comes to any of the Parenthood cast getting together.

Thanks to People, there is photographic evidence of the reunion and it definitely is glorious. As you can see below, guests wore gorgeous floral crowns on their heads like Christensen is donning. She definitely pulls it off beautifully. I have a feeling Sarah wouldn't have gone for this on the show, but Graham definitely looks happy wearing it ().

Then, there is this photo of Whitman rubbing Christensen's baby bump. I mean, does it get better than that? As a huge Parenthood fan, I really am on the verge of tears. There is just something about this cast on and off the screen that makes me want to cry every time I see them. It's probably because every single episode was extremely emotional. Don't even get me started on the series finale.

It really is wonderful to see part of the cast reuniting for such a special occasion. I can't wait for when Christensen has the baby, because I'm anticipating some pictures with Graham, Whitman, and hopefully every other member of the Braverman clan. Yeah, I think that means I better stock up on tissues, stat.