RIP Taylor & Calvin's Stylish Couple Moments

Today brought sad news to the celebrity relationship world — Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have broken up, ending their year-long relationship and breaking the hearts of millions of Tayvin fans everywhere. People reported the news Wednesday, and it's making the rounds on the internet. My personal feeling about this break up? I'm just sad we'll be missing out on Swift and Harris' stylish couple moments in the future.

America's sweetheart and the Scottish DJ were an unlikely but adorable pair, and their red carpet moments and sweet Instagram snaps together were legitimate #couplegoals. They didn't make a ton of appearances together, but when they did it was with stylish coordinated outfits that showcased their personal senses of style. As sad as I am about the breakup, at least I know that Swift and Harris will weather it stylishly (and Swift might just write a few songs about it).

Although the couple kept their relationship mostly under wraps, when they were together, it made for some really cute photo opps. From their adorable swimming pool selfie that announced their relationship in the first place to sweet candid moments, they always brought their A game. Here's eight of the best Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris couple moments.

1. Swan & Swimsuits

This Insta from a year ago that Swift posted was the first official pic of the couple. Her retro black bikini and shades and their super trendy swan pool floaty set the couple off on a great foot.

2. Patterns On Patterns

Another swimsuit selfie, but I love how her plaid swimsuit and his striped shorts are totally complementary patterns, not competing ones.

3. Neutral Solids

Although Swift's style is sweet and Harris' is a little edgier, their looks in this photo completely complement each other. Her crop top gives her outfit a little edge, and his is simple but classic.

4. Pastel & Navy

Another classic look for both of the performers. Swift's baby blue crop top and skirt combo perfectly contrasts with Harris' more bad boy leather jacket vibe.

5. Black & White

Swift's chic jumpsuit at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards was a departure for the singer, but she looked amazing. And Harris' all black look was the perfect pair for her.

6. Matching Snow Gear

In this adorable pic from last winter on Swift's Instagram, the couple (and Swift's brother, Austin), wore adorable matching black parkas while building a snowman. The hats add a perfect touch.

7. Synchronized Steps

I obviously love their outfits in this pic (how great is it that Harris' Adidas match Swift's outfit?), but my favorite part is their synchronized stepping. Did they plan that?

8. Bright Swimwear

One of the more recent Instagrams of the couple, this post from Harris' account has some seriously stylish swimwear. His bright red trunks and her neon and navy suit pair perfectly.

Although I'm sad this celeb relationship is reportedly over, these adorable couple pics will help me cope.