Cody Sattler Heads To 'Marriage Boot Camp'

Some reality shows just bring a level of awesome to the table that is impossible to surpass. Marriage Boot Camp is one of those rare gems that brings so much drama and fun to viewers' lives, that it's difficult to even digest in one sitting. Season 6 of Marriage Boot Camp is upon us and fans have a whole new cast of characters that are keen to allow viewers to peek into their relationship strife. Luckily for fans, Bachelor Nation favorites Cody Sattler and Michelle Money will be taking their turbulent relationship to the loving embrace of reality show therapy. So, what has Cody been up to since he found love with Michelle on Season 1 of Bachelor In Paradise?

Well Cody seem to be happily involved with Michelle for a little while after Bachelor In Paradise, but a few months later things started to become less and less happily ever after. After only six months together, the couple announced their split in December 2014, as People magazine reported. Since then it looks like the couple has reunited to try to work things out for millions of people to watch on TV. Seems like a smart move for people who actually met on reality TV. After all, why mess with success?

Here is what Cody has been up to in the meantime, between shows.

He's Inspiring People To Work Hard

Cody has built himself somewhat of a fitness empire. He has a pretty good following and is constantly trying to inspire those followers to work hard and never give up. His quotes of the day are pretty motivating, I have to say.

He's Promoting His Fitness Program

Cody's fitness program called, CSATT FITNESS seems to be incredibly successful. The entire program really focuses on surrounding yourself with a "fit family" of people that will motivate you and keep you pushing hard for your goals. The website's philosophy explains it as follows:

CSatt Fitness believes in continual self improvement in health and fitness. This is achieved through a focus on improving strength and aerobic capacity. This approach helps achieve success at all fitness levels and experience.

He's Cheering On Fellow Bachelor Nation Stars

Cody made sure to send out a tweet of support for brand-new Bachelorette, JoJo during her debut.

He's Been Waking Up Early

This guy doesn't know the meaning of the phrase "sleeping in." Cody is up every morning at the crack of dawn and make sure to check in for his followers to motivate them to do the same. He's always running and make sure to log his mileage.

Hopefully Cody can find some sort of peaceful resolution after his time on Marriage Boot Camp. It looks like he will continue to inspire his followers with his healthy lifestyle, which is something he can be proud of no matter what happens on the show.