The Tayvin Breakup Memes Are Here

If you've been living under a rock and haven't been paying attention to the news whatsoever, then let me be the one to tell you that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris reportedly broke up after over a year together, as People reported Wednesday. If you're in shock, well, you're not the only one. Fans are definitely reeling over the sad Tayvin news, so if you need to express yourself then I recommend logging onto social media to let out all those feelings you're currently experiencing. Even if you could care less about the two, there's no doubt their alleged split is affecting a lot of people. I mean, have you checked out social media to see all of the Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris breakup memes? People are definitely reacting strongly to it.

So, why did Swift and Harris reportedly break up? There aren't any official details and neither Swift or Harris have commented, but according to People's source it had nothing to do with "drama." The source also added that "things just don't work out sometimes." At the time of the breakup news, Bustle reached out for comment to both Swift and Harris' reps, but did not receive an immediate response.

Until any other news is revealed about Tayvin, take time out of your busy day to check out the following memes.

Some Are Ready For T. Swift's Next Album

She is known for writing songs about her exes, right?

Some Are Predicting Taylor's Reaction To The Split

There she goes writing another hit album. Plus, look at all those Grammys.

Some Are Looking To Hailee Steinfeld For Support

Hailee's face says it all.

Some Are Using Their Photoshop Skills

I guess their relationship plummeted just like if they rode that inflatable swan over a waterfall.

Some Are Secretly Rooting For Harry Styles

Yeah, Harry doesn't look sad.

Some Aren't In Shock Whatsoever

Hey, everyone should've been prepared, because it was prophesied in 2012.

Some Are Calling It Like They See It

I'm pretty sure Swift doesn't need a man to help her write songs.

Some Are Looking To Kanye West

Of course.

Whether they're dating or apart, Swift and Harris surely do have an influence over pretty much everyone. Well, probably T. Swift more so than Harris, but either way, fans aren't going to get over Tayvin that easily.