Fans React To Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Rumors

Sad news for Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris fans today: According to PEOPLE, Swift has reportedly broken up with her boyfriend of one year, Harris. And trust me when I say that fans of Tayvin are having some serious feelings about the whole thing. Maybe it’s because the news comes as kind of a shock just weeks after Harris was involved in a serious car accident. Also, the fact that it was only in March that the two celebrated their one-year anniversary with a tropical getaway. The rumors that these two have potentially split on the heels of experiences that usually bring two people together is pretty shocking. And it’s no surprise that their fans are taking to Twitter to express their shock. (For what it's worth, Bustle has reached out to both Swift and Harris' representatives for confirmation of these rumors, but has not yet heard back.)

Because that's the general emotion that fans are feeling in the wake of this rumor: Absolute shock. Feeling for the by-all-appearances happy couple, these fans expressed sadness that these two would even consider potentially breaking up. They were devastated by the news and pretty heartbroken for both parties involved.

And then, of course, there were the jokesters. It is the Internet, after all. What would a tragic event be without a string of 140-character quips poking fun at the news. And, I have to say, those Taylor Swift fans know how to make light of an unfortunate situation. They broke out the big jokes to make themselves feel better about the whole thing.

I say, whatever you have to do to get through your feelings, is what you have to do to get through your feelings.