'Southern Charm's Kathryn Talks T-Rav

The drama between these two Southern Charm stars never ceases. While chatting with SiriusXM radio show Reality Checked on Tuesday, Kathryn Dennis made some huge claims against Thomas Ravenel. The 24-year-old reality star claimed T-Rav hasn't seen their kids in months. Thomas could not be reached for comment, but Bustle has reached out to Bravo and has not yet heard back. Update: Thomas claims to Bustle via Twitter of Kathryn's allegations: "Completely false. The court will see the evidence and u will see who's telling the truth."

Update 2: Thomas shared the following claims via a statement to Bustle:

I just want to speak the facts because with my family – It’s too real for reality TV when it involves family, I'm just going to speak to the facts about it.

The fact is, I can’t see my children because she will not allow me to see them because in South Carolina if you’re not married the woman has full parental rights. We have a mountain of documentation whereby I make requests every single week, which I submit from my lawyer through her lawyer and she does not respond. So I have not seen my kids for 10 weeks, not because I’m a neglectful parent, but because she will not allow me to see them. I do give her $3100 every single month, I pay her rent, I cosigned her lease. I went from $2500 to $3100. And I’ve made her an offer that would pay her substantially more, and she has not even responded to the offer, and she will not write down what she will accept, she will not negotiate, and she is on her fifth lawyer.

These are the facts and beyond that there’s nothing more I can say. I want to see my children and I have to enter the court system in order to do that because we have not been able to work anything out with her. She will not negotiate and she will not let me see my kids.

A rep for Kathryn had no comment regarding Thomas' claims.

Earlier: In addition to claiming Thomas hasn't paid child support, Kathryn claimed to host Amy Phillips, who is known in the Bravo world for doing impressions of Bravolebrities,

I put my whole life on hold when I met him. I left college. He told me we were gonna have children and I wouldn’t have to worry about anything and then he totally went off the grid. He hasn’t called me, talked to our kids, seen our kids in months. He hasn’t given me money. So that’s kind of why I’m asking for his help and support.

As fans of Southern Charm know, Kathryn has made similar claims on the Bravo series. There's no doubt the former couple have had theirs ups and downs. I mean, most of the show's drama surrounds them. On this past Monday's episode, it was actually refreshing to see Kathryn and Thomas get along before, during, and after the birth of their second child, son St. Julien Rembert Ravenel. They are also parents to 2-year-old daughter Kensington.

In April before the Southern Charm Season 3 premiere, Kathryn spoke with Bustle about her status with Thomas and said,

Currently, no, we are not together. And, we will not be getting back together. I'm just focusing on my children. That's what's the most important thing, regardless of my relationship with Thomas. I just want us to both be great parents.

The tension never seems to end between them and based on Kathryn's most recent comments, well, it doesn't look like it's going to anytime soon.

Image: Brianna Stello/Bravo