Kathryn Dennis Talks 'Southern Charm' Season 3

You may dread Mondays, but thanks to Bravo there is one thing to look forward to and that's Southern Charm. On Monday, April 4, the Charleston-based reality series returns with its third season, the same cast, and even more drama. One thing fans might not expect to see during Southern Charm's third season is a new and improved Kathryn Dennis. While chatting with Bustle, Kathryn says she is much different than how she was during the first two seasons.

"This season's much different for me personally, because I was pregnant most of the time," Kathryn says. For those unaware, Kathryn and Thomas Ravenel welcomed another baby, a son named St. Julien Rembert Ravenel, in November 2015.

Now as a mother of two, Kathryn couldn't be happier and is loving life as a single mom. That's right, she and Thomas are no longer together. "It's great," she says of raising their son and daughter, Kensington. "I really enjoy it. Having two is not as scary as I thought it was going to be, because once you have your second child it really feels like you're really growing into the role of being a mom and settling into that role. It's beautiful. I have my own little family — literally."

As for Kathryn's relationship with Thomas, they are not a couple, but the 24-year-old reality star isn't concerned with their status. "Currently, no, we are not together." She adds, "And, we will not be getting back together. I'm just focusing on my children. That's what's the most important thing, regardless of my relationship with Thomas. I just want us to both be great parents."

Speaking of their parenting, viewers will see much discussion in the Season 3 premiere about how Thomas and Kathryn are co-parenting. It's definitely not going smoothly, and if you think it will all be solved by the finale, you'd be wrong, because as Kathryn says, "Currently, it is a work in progress. I'm confident things will get to a different place, but it is a work in progress."

Even though Kathryn and Thomas are still having a lot of ups and downs, it's clear that she isn't letting it get her down. Actually, she's embracing it. "[Not being with Thomas] was different, but also really awesome, because I really enjoyed my independence."

And despite all of the controversy and criticism surrounding Kathryn during Season 3, she hopes viewers will keep this in mind about her:

This season is one where I really, really evolve and become independent and become my own person and say what I feel, regardless of Thomas. I feel like I used to be his little puppet and I had to do what he wanted — please him or placate him. It's all me this year, and I'm just excited to show everyone who I am, regardless of my situation with him.

To see just how much Kathryn has changed, be sure to tune into the Southern Charm Season 3 premiere Monday night at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

Image: Mathieu Young/Bravo