Let This Calvin Harris Song Ease Your Tayvin Feels

News that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have allegedly broken up is hitting the world hard. People continue to speculate unfairly as to whether Swift's next album will be about Harris, if the pair have indeed broken up, as the singer is famous for using real-life events as the inspiration for her music. Turning to a Swift song following a break up is easy to do, since almost all of her songs are about ex-boyfriends. But perhaps the question we should be asking is will Harris's next album be about Swift? While we wait to hear more details about the once happy couple, what's the one Harris song that will help us deal with the news of his alleged break-up from the 1989 singer?

There are so many Harris songs that are about relationships. Songs like "Outside," on which he collaborated with Ellie Goulding, and "Blame," featuring John Newman, are awesome but way too emotional to listen to following a break-up. Try thinking about Swift and Harris's untimely (alleged) break-up and getting through one of those songs without crying your way through a box of tissues. The one song everyone should listen to in the wake of this extremely sad news is "Summer," and I'll tell you why.

"Summer" looks forward to a more positive future moment. Instead of dwelling on the misery of the break-up, why not look ahead at what's to come? Summer is right around the corner, and with it there are so many possibilities. It's the season for hitting the beach, hanging with friends, and traveling as much as you can, all things which are the perfect antidote to a break-up.

The lyrics of "Summer" keep things simple, and there are slivers of darkness within the song. In the first verse, Harris starts out talking a summer romance, where he fell in love easily, and this lasted until fall. It paints the picture of how the season feels, especially that moment when you wish summer wouldn't end.

When I met you in the summerTo my heartbeat soundWe fell in loveAs the leaves turned brown

It's after this that the lyrics turn a little darker, with an accusation that "you lied so soon," but I choose to overlook this tiny detail because the chorus is super catchy. Plus, nothing lasts forever, not even Summer, and that's kind of the point. Turn up "Summer" by Calvin Harris loud, and forget about how sad you feel about the idea that Swift might not have found her soulmate after all. Few people in their 20s ever do.