The 'Feed The Beast' Theme Song Has Got An Edge

AMC's newest series is pairing some of your favorite actors from very different places, so what will set the tone for the show? I wouldn't typically picture Jim Sturgess and David Schwimmer in the same room together, so the setting and the music are essential. What is the Feed The Beast theme song? Sasha Dobson's song in the opening credits is not available to download yet, but you can listen all you want.

The show doesn't premiere until Sunday, but the opening credits have been posted already. Feed the Beast centers on two friends who open a restaurant together in the Bronx, despite their mysterious pasts. As if the restaurant business wasn't hard enough.

Dobson, the vocalist, is a jazz singer-songwriter who gives a bit of a country rock edge to the Feed The Beast theme. My first impression upon listening is that it reminds me of something between the True Blood theme and the Breaking Bad theme, even though this show takes place in New York City. It's an interesting choice, and I can't wait to see what it means for the series. Is the Bronx supposed to be the new frontier? Who's to? Perhaps they went in this direction to indicate just the slightest hint of danger. Take a listen.

While you wait to download this tune, you can always get Dobson's other music on iTunes and Spotify. If you like the Feed The Beast song, in my opinion, her album Aquarius is the closest, sound-wise. Dobson is also in an alt-country band called Puss 'n Boots that fits a similar tone.

All in all, it definitely fits AMC's epic image. The network's overall look and sound makes you sit up and take things seriously, whether you're watching secretaries, zombies, drug dealers, or sommeliers. Feed the Beast should be no different.

Image: Frank Ockenfels/AMC