The 'Inside Amy Schumer' Pregnancy Sketch Highlights How Women Are Never Expected To Put Themselves First

A gathering among four friends got awkward really fast on the Inside Amy Schumer pregnancy sketch. It all starts out innocently enough — they're casually sipping water with cucumber slices (Amy saw it at a spa and realized she could do it at home!) and talking about how exciting it is that they all got pregnant at the exact same time. But, when discussing their birth plans, the conversation quickly devolves into a competition over whose plan is the most selfless. Predictably, three of the women have seriously whacky plans and, after describing them, they explain that it's all because it'll be "better for the baby."

One woman plans to give birth in a tub full of barley (which will also be the child's name), while another will head to the beach and see if the baby crawls into the ocean or into her arms immediately after its birth. Amy simply doesn't trust western medicine at all, so she plans to have her baby on the highest mountaintop in Tibet as far from real medical help as humanly possible. She'll then ship the child to Tijuana STAT so it'll be bilingual. (Because it's better for the baby, of course.)

At one point, Amy makes the faux pas of saying that she plans on juicing the placenta because it's better for the mother. When the other women spit out their cucumber water in horror, she rushes to explain that it's also (you guessed it) better for the baby and then overcompensates by saying she hopes she dies during childbirth because, "a mother haunting their baby is the best thing for the baby."

One of Amy's friends has been quiet throughout the conversation, so they ask her how she plans to give birth. She responds that when she goes into labor, she'll go to the hospital and do what the doctor says. Her answer is so shocking to her friends that they all have the same response — each woman's water breaks at the exact same time.

This sketch perfectly highlights how women are shamed every time they put themselves first in any way — and how literally everything can turn into an unhealthy competition. And, since women can be each other's greatest allies, we need to stop turning life events like childbirth into a contest.

Image: Comedy Central