Bianca Espada's Parents Live For Fashion Too

It's not shocking that the 20-somethings from Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills come from impressive and affluent families. Sure, most of them choose to try and make some money on their own but they always have their parents' bank accounts to fall back on. Successful fashion blogger, Bianca Espada is the newest "rich kid" to join the E! reality show, and she's bringing a refreshing attitude along with her. She may come from a wealthy family, but she is incredibly grounded. But, what exactly do Bianca's parents do?

Well, it turns out that Bianca comes from some seriously impressive fashion DNA. According to Latina, her father is a retired fashion wholesaler who also consults for most huge retailers in the country. Thats nothing to sneeze at. Her mother, Anna Weiser is also a titan in the fashion industry. She still works as a personal shopper to the stars. According to Bianca's mother's website, she was actually specifically chosen to open the first Barney's New York store in Beverly Hills where she was their personal shopper and stylist. Between the two of them, they must make a pretty decent living and have obviously passed down some seriously fashion-savvy chops to their daughter.

Sure, it seems like Bianca definitely enjoys the perks of having wealthy parents (she travels by private jet), but she's also working to create her own mark on the fashion industry. According to the same Latina article, she is currently working as an assistant to celebrity stylist, Sonya Benson. Sonya is known to dress Rihanna, so she's kind of a big deal.

Bianca isn't only a stylist's assistant, she is also making sure to carve out her own brand. She created BiancaEspada.com which is her own place to showcase her favorite fashions, food and lifestyle tips. Her Instagram currently has 42.4 thousand followers, so she is obviously becoming a pretty big success all on her own.

It looks like although Bianca has some family money behind her, she's going to make her own career blossom independent from her parents. And, she is definitely bound to go far with that much fashion-blood running through her veins.