This Scene Showed Ben And Lauren Would Make It

As much as everyone jokes around about how fun it is to date multiple men or women at once on The Bachelor or Bachelorette, it has to be a pretty tough situation. I imagine that is hard to find a balance between expressing feelings and being natural all while showing courtesy to the other contestants and not giving too much away. But during his Bachelor season, it was very obvious that Ben Higgins was going to pick Lauren Bushnell the entire time. Yes, he also told JoJo Fletcher that he loved her too, but it didn't matter. Even before that whole mess went down, there was one moment from Ben's season that proved he and Lauren were in it for the long haul.

Sure, Ben never outright said that he was more into Lauren than any of the other ladies, but we all caught on to it. The women who were there knew that Ben had a special connection with Lauren because it was blatantly obvious. The only people who really questioned Ben and Lauren's relationship were members of the Bushnell family during the hometown dates. And I don't blame them. I, too, would be more than a little suspicious of a man who was dating my sister at the same time he was dating multiple other women on a nationally televised reality show.

The suspicion of Ben actually turned out to be a pretty good thing, though, since it brought on such a great moment that really showed how Ben felt about Lauren. Lauren's sister, Mollie, was grilling Ben about his intentions, and he started crying as soon as he began talking about how much he cared for Lauren and how he saw a future with her.

You can tell that Ben couldn't control this display of emotion and that the tears were genuine. He didn't tear up talking about anyone else, so it just showed that he was truly invested in Lauren. As much as he tried not to, Ben made it clear that he favored Lauren throughout the season, but it was this moment when she wasn't even in the room that showed how much he wanted to be with Lauren, and it was a clear sign that these two would be able to make it work where previous Bachelor couples weren't.